5 Business Tools That Will Take Your Business Operations to the Next Level

Running an active business requires lots of work. It’s not only about the tasks you delegate, it’s also about the decisions that you take on a daily basis. Thus, having systematic, organized business operations is a must in any form of business. 

Business operations is an area of business that deals with the management of the firm’s resources. It is usually not a source of profit in itself: a business makes a profit by using its resources, especially by selling its products. It is not to be confused with housekeeping or “Operations,” which is the field of work that makes sure everything your company does is done on time and in accordance with policy.

Business, process, efficiency, and all these other terms that people throw out, sound intimidating and scary. The truth is they are all simple and easy to understand. Here, we will provide you with 5 of the best and newest tools from Appsumo to help you with your operations.


Don’t get bogged down by tasks, stay organized and be systematic to succeed.


Run productive brainstorms and streamline project management on one platform

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When you’re done brainstorming, get your action items in one place — fast. Just like brainstorming, it can be hard to run effective meetings. But it’s even harder to keep track of your action items. You need a platform that allows you to host your team and collaborate in real-time, while also storing those action items in a project management dashboard. Introducing ExcelWay – a tool to help to run more productive meetings and lets you track the resulting tasks and projects on a customizable dashboard. ExcelWay lets you use sticky notes to start brainstorming on a virtual whiteboard, generate a post-meeting report that you can edit before sharing with others, keep your team on track with customizable dashboards and progress reports, and a whole lot more. 

Easily turn meeting ideas into actionable tasks and customize your own project management dashboard on one platform.

Make every meeting count. Get lifetime access to ExcelWay now!

CatchApp Bookings

Simplify appointments with an automated scheduling tool

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You want to get more done, but your to-do list is out of control. You’re trying to schedule a lot of things and keep track of tons of appointments, meetings, and reminders. Even if you could manage to do all that, you shouldn’t have to. You need a tool that takes care of all the annoying scheduling details for you so you can focus on more meetings in less time. Say hello to CatchApp Bookings – a tool that helps you manage appointments online with smart integrations and booking pages to save you loads of time. With CatchApp Bookings you can embed booking pages on your website or share with clients via email, SMS, and social media, eliminate double-bookings and keep your calendars updated with two-way sync, share meeting updates and improve attendance with built-in, automated reminders, and so much more. 

Automate your entire scheduling process, so you can book more client calls without wasting time on all the admin stuff. 

Manage your schedule in just a few minutes. Get CatchApp Bookings today.

Trackabi Time Tracker App

Trackabi is a platform for time tracking & employee leave management

(Now only USD 99 from USD 1,200)

Trackabi Time Tracker App is the employee monitoring software that uses the gamification approach to make dull things fun. It has been growing its customer base since 2018 and keeps adding new features. With Trackabi Time Tracker App, you can track your time and billing, but also have a great overview of the projects you work on. It is a great tool for managing and improving productivity. It helps freelancers, distributed teams, and businesses that need to track time or work on projects by the hour. Trackabi is available in both a web version and desktop application for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also has an iOS and Android mobile application.

An excellent choice for freelancers, small & medium-sized enterprises. 

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Paragraph Snip

Easily compare and analyze text, images, graphs, and more without all the clutter 

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We’ve all been there. You’re working on a project and need to compare two documents but the process of opening them, flipping back and forth, and highlighting text is painstaking. It’s so much easier when you can view both documents side-by-side and highlight them right on the screen. We tested a lot of different software. None worked. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to cut out some of the time you spend comparing documents each week or month? Look no further. Meet Paragraph Snip – a tool for anyone who wants a better way of referencing, comparing, or analyzing documents on their computer. Paragraph Snip lets you compare text, images, graphs, and more without all the clutter. Simply float the Snippet in front of what you are working on, title your Snippets and highlight information on them as well. All of these features… and a whole lot more.

No more wasted time on important but boring tasks. 

Leave toggling screens behind and save time. Get Paragraph Snip now.

WebWork Time Tracker

Work, track, and chat in one place – no more several apps, cause WebWork has it all

(Now only USD 49 from USD 430.20)

How many tools are you using to keep your work process organized? 2 or 3 tools, at least. For example, project management, communication, and time tracking. But imagine using one tool instead of 3. Meet WebWork Time Tracker – a powerful project management software that allows you to accomplish all these tasks in just one place. WebWork Time Tracker gives you the opportunity to combine project management and time tracking, letting a manager crucial projects and deliverables. Its task management and chat feature allow users to not need to switch between multiple tools. It also helps keep the work process organized & transparent with the help of features like activity levels, app & website usage, plus a whole lot more. 

Make work management a piece of cake by combining the most necessary tools.

Work, track, and communicate in one place. Get WebWork Time Tracker today.


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