5 Tools you Need to Improve Client Relations

At the core of any business is a rather simple goal: to solve the pains of clients and generate revenue while doing so. Some businesses forget this though, and much rather focusing on the revenue. Clients and customers need to still be at the center because that is how entrepreneurship is defined. It is best still to improve how you deal with clients and manage them. However, improving on it requires acquiring the right tools to do so. Here, we have compiled some tools that will help you improve client relations without much-added cost.


Hear clients out with these tools.

Feedback Farm

Get feedback where you need it

(Now only USD 39 from USD 229)

Know the precise faults and wins of your SaaS application with Feedback Farm. Achieve the most powerful metric to build your application in less than 15 minutes– Feedback Farm is a set of codes you simply have to copy and embed into your site to give your customers a voice. Be completely transparent and show your users your feedback board with an upvote feature too. Feedback Farm even allows you to close the feedback loop with user identification. Integrate all these into your app with a simple copy-and-paste or in-app Zapier integration.

Get feedback where you need it.

Start cultivating feedback with Feedback Farm today.


The platform to scale your digital business

(Now only USD 59 from USD 1,200)

Sell everywhere, even in the EU—right away. Abowire is the perfect place to sell digital products and services at scale, everywhere. Onboard members, experiment with pricing, create discount coupons, automate invoices, charge customers, and get paid all on the same platform. Abowire even connects to 6,000 banks all across Europe, your revenue will be automatically detected and assigned to the right subscriptions by the smart algorithm. All of these with the highest security standards with GDPR compliance. 

Everything you need to start, run, and grow your subscription business. 

Grow your business. Do it with Abowire.


Ultra-flexible roadmaps, changelogs, and upvoting boards 

(Now only USD 49 from USD 1,152)

Prioritize product development with ProductLiftThis tool is perfect for product and marketing teams that balance strategic goals and customer requests by letting them prioritize your roadmap in real time. Complete with live user feedback, changelogs, sharing capabilities, and overview features, ProductLift lets you focus more on building great products. Fully customize a private white label portal with a custom domain, custom statuses, custom tabs and sections, and custom CSS too. ProductLift even lets you create as many roadmaps, changelogs, and voting boards as you like.

Map out your company’s future.

Quit flying blind. Use ProductLift.


A comprehensive white-label platform to manage employees, finances, projects, sales and customer support

(Now only USD 59 from USD 780)

Still using separate individual software for your business processes? Why not run your business in a fully-integrated business management platform that lets you control all your processes from one place. Workpark offers a bird’s-eye view of all your business-related activities, letting you seamlessly monitor your performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Workpark is a true all-in-one suite for all your core business process including finance, project management, CRM, HR & payroll, and even team collaboration all at the cost of one single project management app. With Workpark you put your entire team in the driver’s seat giving them the right tools for them to do their job. Even collaborate with clients with designated white-labeled client portals—communicate on projects, proposals, finances, and raise tickets. Best of all, Workpark requires no learning curve, no complex configurations, and is easy on the pocket.

Perhaps the hidden catalyst of your business growth.

Transform your company. Start it with Workpark.

Idea Deployer

Create a culture of continuous innovation

(Now only USD 79 from USD 599)

Capture, collaborate, prioritize, and realize great ideas with Idea Deployer. This tool is a cloud-based all-in-one innovation management solution that helps you discover, evaluate, and execute the brightest ideas. Idea Deployer’sinnovation machine starts with defining a challenge that can be shared across the organization and opened to submission, ideas are collected and captured, then goes through screening, collaboration, and refinement based on pre-defined criteria, then will be opened up to evaluation and selection with upvotes and downvotes, and finally will be executed to perfection managing the workflow effortlessly. With Idea Deployer an innovation pipeline will be in place, helping you create a company culture of continuous meticulous innovation.

You’re just minutes away from your next best innovation.

Transform ideas into new business results. Try Idea Deployer now.


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