Automate your contract preparation and management with these apps

Contracts are one of the key things a business needs when dealing with clients and other businesses. This is a document where terms and conditions are thoroughly laid out for both concerned parties’ interest and protection. But as an entrepreneur, preparing contracts is a task that requires a certain amount of attention as you’re required to carefully tackle all points you want to achieve on your upcoming partnership as clear and detailed as possible (because we don’t sign anything we don’t read carefully, right?). And sometimes, this will lead to additional costs as we hire legal consultation services to properly ensure the quality of the document we made, and much worse is missing a deadline leading to losing a sale. We don’t want that to happen to you so we have some good news that we think you want to hear!

To help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs like you, we gather the best and user-friendly software dedicated to making templates and customizable contracts and agreements for your business so you can increase your productivity and sales!

1. Ready to Use Legal Templates

Dedicated for entrepreneurs and website owners, Ready to Use Legal Templates is a no-brainer software where you can buy a bundle of six (6) editable word documents that include Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sale & Purchase Agreement, Partnership Contract, Advertising Agreement, and API License. Having a copy of these templates removes the hassle of starting from scratch and lets you enjoy the freedom of time as you just need to edit important points such as company name, date, and other details you wish to customize to fit a certain agreement.

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2. DocPro

As your business grows every day, you have to deal with more clients that means more legal and business documents to prepare which is kinda time-consuming. . Not anymore with DocPro!

DocPro helps you to prepare comprehensive and detailed contracts with its over 2000 templates carefully reviewed by lawyers which can be easily customized according to your nature of industry, needs, and can protect your rights and interests.

With a comprehensive library, you don’t have to worry of what type of legal document you need as DocPro can help and identify what fits your needs plus you can request a new template if nothing fits.

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3. WP Legal Pages

Launching your website is like ticking off a box on your to-do list and it brings joy and excitement to every business owner because finally, countless nights of ideation, design, and coding are now coming to life.

And one thing you must not overlook on your website is adding your privacy policy and terms of use which is required by the law. This document requires to be carefully prepared and needs to be consulted with lawyers to ensure it fits your business and abides by the law . . . sounds like a lot of time and money involved right? Let’s lessen your worries with WP Legal Pages!

WP Legal Pages is a software that can give you access to more than 25 customizable customer policy templates that include privacy policies, terms of use, affiliate disclosures, returns, refunds, and medical & earnings disclaimers dedicated for WordPress websites.

It comes also with a unique guided wizard feature wherein you can add additional sections on your policy pages and can keep your policy pages updated to the latest changes and plugins.

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Sending the contract to your client or partner, having them signed it personally, and sending the signed document back to you via mail is the norm in signing contracts but as most of us turn to work-from-home setup, signing documents becomes digital. Going digital seems a lot of work and not safe for important documents (you know what I mean, right?). But have you imagined having a portal of your own that is 100% safe and secured to enter into agreements? Well, has that for you! lets businesses have their portal that is equipped with contract/agreement templates, can store all documents signed under the organization, make branded portals to represent your company, and generate unique URLs per agreement.

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5. Copyl

Keeping track of your contract’s status can be quite a task and can lead to missing a deadline and overlooking some details, and as an entrepreneur who regularly deals with other businesses you need to keep the pace and stay focused as always. So we have a software that we think will be your best companion in building your empire . . . introducing Copyl!

Copyl is a contract management enterprise software which deals with managing each contract status and details that your business has. With its advanced technology, Copyl notifies you and your team about deadlines, can directly request e-signatures of the team, discuss each contract online, create to-do’s related to the contracts, and add links and files that are beneficial to each document.
Get organized and simplify your work management when it comes to dealing with documents by using Copyl!

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6.Axsar Contracts

Dealing with businesses is not easy and making contracts is truly another story that requires much detail which a business faces every day. And according to a study, an average of 9% revenue leaks per year due to poor contract management. No more missed opportunities for your business as Axsar Contracts is here to help you manage your contacts!

Axsar Contracts is a powerful contract lifecycle management solution that can support your business in managing your contracts and other documents. With its amazing features, you can create a new contract using its customizable templates, digitally sign any documents and send it to respective parties for signature which each can be notified once all concerned individuals already signed the document, notifies you and your team about contract deadlines and expirations, logging in a task, phone calls, and meetings, etc. all in one software!

Another impressive thing with Axsar Contracts is that it can be used on any device be it on the web, iOS, or Android which makes keeping and tracking your contracts easy and hassle-free.

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