BLACK FRIDAY ALERT! Five more apps to check out below USD 60.

We go back to our roots in sharing with you awesome solutions that we know could help improve your business processes to get more sales.

That’s right, it’s another Black Friday Alert! Check out these five useful apps under USD 60.
Boost engagement and conversions with custom retargeting links!
(Now only USD 39 from USD 2,400)

Just when you’ve got the perfect social media post down pat, you realize you have to include that URL to your website to get your audience to learn more about your product or service. Seems like a simple thing, but then the URL turns out longer than your headline! If only you can get a link shortener that you can customize to take on the look and feel of your brand, right? Well, you have got to meet

With, you get one of the most complete and global link engagement platforms. Shortening, customizing, managing, and tracking your links becomes easier than ever thanks to its interface that eases you into every step of the process. You can also integrate your retargeting pixels right from the dashboard, include UTMs, tags, A/B tests, and even activate deep links with up to 30+ available advanced options to make your links extra useful. Now, your CTAs can also become another channel to communicate with your audience.

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It’s time to dip your toes in QR marketing!
(Now only USD 39 from USD 300)

Since we’re already talking about URLs, why don’t we go deeper into the new trend of scannable URLs? QR codes have gained popularity over recent years especially with the popularity of smartphones that can read these seemingly random dots. Now it is relatively easy to generate a QR code (some smartphones even have this feature built in!), it’s still quite a challenge to create QR codes that reflect your brand’s identity. Enter

With, you can now generate your own QR codes with colors and even shapes that feel right at home with your brand! Create, share, track, and gain insights on how your audience uses your QR codes to improve overall customer experience. You can even include your logo in your QR code – doesn’t get any more customized than this! Take it a notch further by adding landing pages for each QR code so you have room to engage your audience. The best part? No coding required!

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Quickly communicate with customers in real-time using web-based text messaging.
(Now only USD 49 from USD 300)

Last time, we already touched on SMS as an instantaneous channel. Today, we go a little more advanced with MMS. With the ability to send videos, images, and audio files through your audience’s smartphone, MMS is a fun and engaging way to communicate with your contacts in real-time.But you wouldn’t want to be creating these messages on your phone and sending ‘em out one by one, right? Here comes slyText to the rescue!

With slyText, you can bring your VoIP line or even your landline phone number and start managing MMS communications using the slyText dashboard (it can even handle SMS too!). Don’t have a phone number you want to use to read and respond to messages from? slyText can help get you a phone number in your chosen area code too! Whether it be messaging a single contact, or scheduling broadcast messages to your entire contact list, slyText has your back. What if your contact calls your number? Well, it forwards all calls to a number that you choose.

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Ditch repetitive typing with a canned response solution that works everywhere.
(Now only USD 59 from USD 144)

Still on the subject of managing customer queries, we’re pretty sure you can relate to using canned responses to frequently asked questions across all your communication channels. While this chore can take a lot of time, it is also very important to engage with your customers and respond to any and all of their questions. The last thing you want is to give off the impression that you’ve become cold to the customer and are now replying to them like a robot (or a poorly coded chatbot, at least). That won’t be a problem with typedesk.

typedesk makes it easy to craft, organize, and shoot out canned responses to different leads and clients. Create templates and plug in dynamic content to still create that personalized message that your audience wants and deserves. Integrations include GMail, Slack, Google Docs, Outlook, Facebook and a whole lot more! Take out the tedious task of replying to every single message so you can focus on more pressing matters.

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Hide My WP Ghost
Protect your WordPress site against hacker bots and spammers!
(Now only USD 59 from USD 299)

You should always take security seriously. If your site is underpinned by WordPress, perhaps you should take security a little more seriously than others… Hackers are out there, and they’ve also stepped up their game with bots of their own to gather vulnerable data. You need a souped-up plugin that actively monitors and maximizes your security. Get extra protection and enhanced security against common attacks like script and SQL injection, brute-force with Hide My WP Ghost.

Through Hide My WP Ghost, you get to customize and hide WordPress paths and files to stop hacker bots from compromising your plugins, themes, and the essential WordPress core files. Camouflage vulnerabilities without changing any file nor directory with a simple flick of a button in the dashboard! It can also scan your website to discover security threats that need your urgent attention in a dedicated report with clear instructions on how to remedy said vulnerabilities. Create custom login/logout redirects depending on user credentials, change classes, names, and IDs in your website’s source code, and get brute-force protection with limited login attempts, reCaptcha protection, IP address blacklisting, and even a custom lockout message and duration.

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