BLACK FRIDAY ALERT! Get these three great apps for under USD 30.

Black Friday is here and everyone is raring to start that shopping spree! While you start ticking items off your Christmas shopping list, don’t forget to grab yourself a gift, too. Here are great deals that will hopefully improve your business processes and maybe even your personal life.

Let’s look at three awesome apps under USD 30!

Use text messages to engage and motivate your top customers, clients, and leads.
(Now only USD 19 from USD 108 for a Lifetime Deal)

Over the past months, we’ve been building on your email marketing capabilities but now is the perfect time to also focus on another effective channel to communicate with your audience: text messages.

While email is the go-to channel for bulk customer communications, text message open rates can be up to 4x higher than email because of its instantaneous nature. Included SMS in your next marketing campaign with ShortySMS. Its intuitive interface lets you set up your campaign by filling out some fields. You can also import your existing contact list and even start collecting new contacts with built-in leads generation forms.

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Make scheduling your next meeting easy with calendar integrations, booking pages, and customization!
(Now only USD 29 from USD 120 for a Lifetime Deal)

Calendars are the quintessential time management tools, but in today’s world, our calendars can get messy. We’re sure you maintain a work calendar with all your meetings, and a personal calendar for all your non-work obligations. Ever double booked your schedule and missed out on your kid’s ballet recital because you had a meeting at work?

Well, that won’t be a problem with TidyCal. Manage your time and schedule meetings across all your calendars with just a few minutes of set up. Scheduling conflicts becomes a thing of the past with up to 10 calendar connections. Need to set appointments with your colleagues or clients? Create booking pages with time blocks that you specify to make sure no double booking occurs. You can even customize it to match your brand’s look and feel!

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Create beautiful and functional timelines and Gantt charts that you’d actually want to present!
(Now only USD 29 from USD 960 for a Lifetime Deal)

Since we’re talking about time management, ever wanted an easy way to create a Gantt chart to present your project timelines that did not look like it was a screenshot from Excel? Just think about it, you spend so much time preparing the deck to present to your clients or management team, and then when you have to present the project timeline, you’re stuck with visualizations that are either too simple or too complex to aid in decision making.

It’s time to meet Create Gantt charts that take on the style and personality of the rest of your presentation deck. With multiple user editing, make sure that the inputs from everyone from the team is factored in. Then export in PNG or SVG formats so you don’t lose any of that high-resolution goodness.

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