Deliver a High ROI: Discover the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

Indeed, marketing is a vital component of business operations – from attracting to expanding the lifetime value of your customers to growing leads and revenue. But in difficult times, marketing – the amount of time spent and the costs that entails it – is one of the firsts to be slashed in any organization.

Fortunately, there’s a growing number of business leaders that fully understand the value of marketing and how to use data in their campaigns effectively. Thus, slashing this important part of a business will now be far from happening. Using marketing data, marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs can understand their customers – their behavior, aspirations, challenges, etc. With these, any marketer can create campaigns that cater to their needs and wants without wasting their budget in ads or campaigns that target the wrong audience by using the right tools to track / collect data from any of their online initiatives.

Start with these worthy tools to help you plan, collect, analyze, organize, and start making good decisions about what type of campaign you’ll rollout and how to spend your already modest budget:

1. DataMyth

DataMyth is a SaaS based reporting tool that can be easily linked to your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, and data reports. What makes it more desirable is that it gives you instant insights / automated analysis to help you understand your data. It also provides you information on the change in performance along with the reasons for the change.

DataMyth also provides detailed sections for analysts to dig deeper into the data together with a comprehensive summary of this multilayered report. Save more time and focus more on other aspects of your business with this tool now.

2. Funnelll

Funnelll is a tool that helps you set up tracking with no code or complex integrations needed. It helps you maximize your marketing campaigns by pulling significant customer actions on your website and use this data to provide you better, high-quality leads.

This simple point-and-click tool can help you set up tracking directly on your website, choose which elements to track, and set up tracking across your marketing stack. It also allows you to install the top marketing and analytics tools and replicate a setup tracking across channels. Funnelll can be integrated with WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Google Tag Manager, and other web platforms, and you can organize your data around the customer journey to identify which of your campaigns are most effective! Amazing, right? Start running high performing campaigns with a fraction of the time and cost

3. Audiencer

Audiencer is a tool that can help you collect and uncover hidden interests of your target niche on Facebook. A tool best for agencies, freelancers, and solopreneurs whose most campaigns are rolled-out on Facebook. This tool gives you an advantage over your competitor as it helps you collect your niche’s hidden interests.

With Audiencer, your Ads Manager will not be limited to only 25 keyword results, it offers no limitations by using the Marketing API to pull all the interests for the search term. It also presents you with hundreds of suggestions – by crunching over 360K data points to find the ones that match your niche – that will make your targeting more precise and effective with just a few clicks!

4. SheetChart

SheetChart is a reporting tool with core, easy-to-use dashboards that fully integrate with Google Sheets to help you track your essential business data. Choose your preferred granularity and presto… you get deeper insights into your data.

With SheetChart you’ll be able to create the reports you need without building your own from scratch or managing different templates. With this tool, tracking your metrics will not anymore be expensive and tedious. Make better decisions about growing your business with your data and actionable insights, be that entrepreneur who is future-ready!

Have your digital initiatives visible to the right audience, without spending so much time, effort, and budget!

Start using your data to make better decisions about developing more effective marketing campaigns – let this radiate a positive effect on overall revenue for your business.