Do You Really Need a Live Chat on Your Website?

Do you really need a livechat for your website? Need some more convincing? See. It’s no secret that every successful business and brand has given their customer service great importance – important as their sales, marketing, finance, and product team. Giving your customers direct connections to you or your team improves relationships and helps you earn your customers’ trust.

No matter what industry you’re in, you want your business to stand out especially these days where being able to answer your customers in ways that are convenient to them has become a requirement. And being able to get a swift response from you is the key to keeping them loyal and getting them to continuously interact with your brand…and thankfully, investing in building a customer service team is not anymore challenging and costly. With powerful, amazing, and affordable tools, providing excellent customer service is now almost effortless!

Finding the right tools can be tricky, here’s why we compiled a list of our recommended apps and software to help you turn every one of your website visitors to loyal customers.

1. Liveo.Chat

Speed up your response, answer their sales and support questions, close the deal in real-time with your customers by connecting and answering your website visitors quickly and conveniently with Liveo.Chat – a quick and affordable tool you can use to communicate with your website visitors and turn them into happy clients.

This very affordable, easy-to-use tool will let you create departments, operators, canned messages, customize the widget, view offline messages, view chat history and can be used with multiple sites and domains. This deal is perfect for SaaS services, digital agencies and online businesses that want to engage with their clients! You may also want to avail their free trial offer before purchasing. Great, isn’t it?

2. Rake

Did you know that more and more companies are leaving Slack and other similar products for Rake? This easy-to-use centralized messaging web platform incorporates familiar features from other popular collaboration and chat tools, simplifying two-way omnichannel chat and workplace messaging efficiently.

Everything that your customer service team needs for collaboration is here…what makes it even more valuable is that it can be integrated with Facebook Messenger, Zapier, and more. And with its genius mobile app, you and your team can stay connected, even when you’re all on the go. Awesome, right?

3. LiveCaller
As we said, being able to answer your customers in ways that are convenient to them is a great way to earn their trust and turn them to being your most loyal customers. Well then, meet LiveCaller – a tool that combines different communication channels (Chat, Call, Callback, Social Messaging Apps) into one platform.

Its Web-Call feature can be done from any device that has a browser and a microphone. And since it’s internet-based, customers can call directly from the webpage for free, including for an international customer base. It also has an Omni-Channel Inbox that combines communications from different messenger platforms including Facebook, Viber, and more. Are you ready to be there where your customers are?

4. MadChatter
We all know that not all customer inquiries or concerns are solvable only by using email or chat or calls especially when your tool can’t help you solve these because of its limited features. You may think that now and again, that dream of having an all-in-one tool is still so far away… but not for WordPress users out there! Meet MadChatter, the newest live chat plugin with voice/screen/webcam recording features and more!

What makes it a mad livechat plugin? It’s easy-to-install, easy-to-use tool has a full-packed features that include: File sharing, Audio messages, Webcam / Screen recording, Auto-reply Feature that you and your customers can use. Your team’s performance will be faster and more efficient than ever with its Customizable widget, Chat assignment, Live website traffic report, Chat survey & rating, Download chat transcript, and User tagging for spam prevention.. all these with a one-time-payment, no recurring monthly fees, no hidden fees! Plus, you can also earn extra monthly, recurring income by reselling this white-label ready tool!

Watch this video to learn more about this amazing plugin.

If that isn’t mad, we don’t know what is.

5. PursueApp

Okay. Every customer is different. Some are comfortable using chat tools, some use email, others feel more secure inquiring via phone calls.. same as how businesses are different when it comes to how they convert visitors, viewers, audiences to their own loyal customers. If you’re more into Cold Email campaigns, PursueApp is definitely the perfect tool for you!

Create high-converting cold email marketing campaigns that turn strangers into loyal customers with its highly automated Cold Email campaign features including advanced triggers and elements that make it easier for you to inbox better and convert your customers. What makes it really worthwhile is that it supports Gmail, Gsuite, Office, SMTP and can be integrated to other CRMs.

Turn your website visitors, viewers to loyal customers! Make it happen with tools that give your customers direct connection to you! 

Remember, being able to answer your customers in ways that are convenient to them is the key to keeping them loyal to you and your brand!