Drive-up Sales with These Lead Generation Tools

Prospecting for sales manually is time-consuming, stealing hours away from scaling and managing your business. Lead generation tools automate and refine that process for you. It allows your marketing team to create campaigns that bring in higher-quality leads. Finding the right tool for your business and its process however can be tasking, to say the least. This is why we listed down a couple that can help you and your business skip the hassle of signing up for lead generation tools that give you less than optimal results.

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Demystify the lead generation process with these tools.

Hushed Lifetime Phone Number

For businessmen willing to go the distance and stay in touch with clients wherever they are

(Now only USD 25 from USD 150)

Protect your privacy and keep your real phone number hidden while making work calls and sending texts with Hushed. With flexible plans and pricing, you can get security for as low as $1.99. Get all the benefits of having a second phone number without carrying a second bulky phone, just use the Hushed app. Use it for calling, SMS, and MMS, with features like call routing, custom voicemail greeting, call forwarding, auto-reply messages, as well as DropBox and Slack integrations. Connect to leads without worrying about spam.

A second and secure number best for connecting with leads anytime.

Stay protected and stay private, download Hushed now.


Steady current of new conversations with potential clients all the time

(Now only USD 49 from USD 492)

Get leads in bulk with findmassleads. This tool is a B2B lead-generation database that helps small business owners, freelancers, and web agencies find loads of good potential customers based on technology in one click. findmassleads can teach you how to build an outreach campaign, with their database that provides thousands of good leads based on the technologies and tools their ideal client uses. With these leads on hand, all you really need to do is to reach out to them via cold outreach and watch the sales flow.

Are you ready to speed up your lead generation to the maximum speed? 

Start downloading leads with findmassleads today.


Boost leads and conversions using an omnichannel ad platform

(Now only USD 49 from USD 290)

“Return of Ad Sales” to raise this metric is every marketer’s goal, so why not use a sure and guaranteed way to boost it. Crigloo is an AI-powered Omnichannel advertising platform that helps you optimize and execute flawless ad campaigns. Simply set your campaign object, choose how you want to run your campaign, let AI choose the messaging, creatives, and audience, and then choose where you want to run your campaign.  After launching, Crigloo continues to adjust and optimize the campaign to help you deliver effective ads without having to adjust it yourself. Plus get valuable data and insights with Crigloo’s dashboard. And the final nail to the coffin, Crigloo gives you your very own Pixel, so you can map out your customer journey letting you fine-tune your funnels, optimize your marketing strategy, and adjust as needed. Crigloo even lets you add your team so they can help you manage, monitor, and maximize your campaign.

Run ads that always deliver sales.

Omnichannel campaigns made iso much easier. Use Crigloo.


Automatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans

(Now only USD 49 from USD 240)

Enterprise-size email marketing usually costs $1,200 monthly. What if you can create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails without breaking the bank? Specifically made for content creators, SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails. This tool combines automation and customization, helping you create simple, beautiful, but effective emails in far less time. Customize your emails with SendFox’s simple editor, keeping the aesthetics on brand. Create custom, branded Smart Pages and landing pages to promote on your social bios or in your email signature to get your name and content out there. Plus, with out-of-box support for six languages, you can translate your SendFox emails, forms, and SmartPages into your language in one click. Wondering where you’ll send emails, SendFox uses the most obvious one, your subscriber list.

Show off your best content.

Turn followers into loyal fans and leads into customers. Send that email with SendFox.


Generate leads from startups

(Now only USD 67 from USD 2,500)

Discover startups prime for collaboration with Prelo. This tool is built to help small businesses and B2B founders find and connect with key decision-makers in fast-growing tech companies at the right time in their growth cycle. Simply pick your industry, get a highly curated list of decision-makers, and then start connecting. Use Prelo to build your network and send targeting emails to well-funded startups hastening those introductory calls.

Build bridges and scale up.

Don’t you hesitate for one sec. Use Prelo today.