E-commerce 101: Choosing the right tools for your business

Having the right skills in managing a business is important so as are the strategies and tools you will use on it. Finding the right tools to use is vital as this can help to improve and speed up your business process and increase sales!

And as there are hundreds of tools you can try on the market, choosing what fits your business can be hard, or worst it won’t bring any significant results (we don’t want that, right?) So here’s a list of apps that we can vouch that works best for all companies and entrepreneurs worldwide in the e-commerce industry!


Businesses now venture to online selling as part of their selling platform so setting up one for your own company or business cannot be skipped. So, create one for your business using Fatora.io!

Fatora.io is a platform that enables you to create your online store within minutes. With Fatora.io’s user-friendly features, you can monitor your Sales, Products, Invoices, Shipping and Delivery, and Statistics in just one dashboard!

Start to sell your products/services on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, wherever your customers at and manage your business without a sweat with the help of Fatora.io.


Building a website or app but don’t know much about coding? Webcat got your back.

Webcat is an end-to-end, collaborative app builder that empowers developers and designers to quickly create web and mobile apps that your business needs. It is full packed with advanced tools that can help you design a responsive and intuitive interface, make edits easy and all seamless, control app restrictions, and manage users that include registrations, passwords, and verification, a powerful and all-in-one app indeed!

So, leverage your platforms, create a website, or build your dream app without the hassle of coding with the help of Webcat.


Get out of your comfort zone and try ways to promote your products like venturing into social commerce with Buyfrom.io!

Buyfrom.io is an app that can help you to kick start your social commerce platform so that you can developing a new sales channel to exclusively promote your products and get as much help from resellers to increase revenues!

With Buyfrom.io, anyone can be a digital affiliate reseller of your platform where they can easily share your products via a referral link for a reward. Plus, they can also add new resellers to promote your products for additional points. Amazing right? What’s more amazing is that you can check real-time analytics for your business and for your resellers. 

It’s a win-win situation when you use Buyfrom.io


Setting up personalization tools on your Shopify can take weeks as you need to analyzed tons of data of your customers but not anymore as Recommendly is nowhere to save the day!

Recommendly is a platform that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for real-time personalized recommendations and relevant CX.

Recommendly can recommend products to Shopify customers according to their behavior easily without machine learning and can increase the number of products featured so they can discover your products faster, thus increasing the sale.

Also, integrating Recommendly won’t be a problem as it utilized a user-friendly interface so you can monitor your targets according to your liking.

Predict like a pro using Recommendly!


Let’s get straight into the meetings and remove the hassle of installing and registering for a new video and messaging app with 11Sight.

11Sight is a browser-based, one-click video, audio, chat, and web conferencing solution for desktop and mobile that allows every business owner or company a personalized encrypted e-line link where people can instantly connect with you using any browser, email, social media profile, or post, literally anywhere on the web when clicked. Also, you get access to its features like call forwarding, multi-line ringing, three-way calling, and call history in just one click. 

This revolutionized app makes online meetings very easy to do especially for those people who are not that adept with the current technology.

Make your meetings as easy as 1,2,3 using 11Sight