Five Tips to Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

Today, a lot of strategies are being used to market products, get new customers, and keep them connected to the brand to improve one’s business. 

Businesses knows that a well-crafted yet straight-to-the-point strategy is the only way to make them stand out on the crowd . . . and for many entrepreneurs like you who is still at the start of building their empire, making your own strategy from scratch and going around with marketing software and apps sounds a bit overwhelming.

Worry no more as we got you fam! Here are five tips to help you improve your marketing strategy.

1. Research about your customer and look for leads

Knowing your competitors and your customer’s wants is a must but knowing where to find prospective clients is on another level. Researching for leads is a hideous task but with Lead Scrape it is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Lead Scrape is a software dedicated to help businesses to find B2B leads in any category, yes you read it right . . . IN ANY CATEGORY! Search for leads just by using job titles and you can get all the data you need from business name, business category, phone number, address, and more!

What’s more awesome in Lead Scrape is that you can integrate it to any lead tracking software or your marketing automation tool to experience a seamless marketing communications process.

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2. Do smart targeting 

It’s very important to deeply know your target market from knowing what tools to use to gain their attention up to ways on how to keep them engaged with your brand. With the said conditions, an all-in-one marketing software like VBOUT is what all business entrepreneurs need!

VBOUT is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that helps you target customers by creating effective campaigns and converting your leads to meaningful transactions. With VBOUT, sending an email blast, creating sales funnels, designing pop-up ads, and more is made easy and convenient with their wide-variety of templates that you can easily customize.

This tool also helps you to simplify your processes and automate repetitive tasks from targeting, creating and scheduling contents, down to tracking engagement . . . amazing right?

Be smart with your marketing process and start integrating VBOUT on your business for only $79!

3. Build and track your socials

Social media plays a big role in businesses nowadays as more and more people opt to buy online. Building a solid page on Facebook or Instagram is a core to attract more buyers and keep your current customers engaged and within reach. It is also important to always send customers to your main selling page from your social media pages. A link to your website is good but isn’t it much better to have a way to customize and track your links? If yes, then say hello to Linkjoy!

Linkjoy is a tool that can help you generate leads, drive traffic, and boost your sales with the use of optimized links and customized landing pages. By using Linkjoy, you can redirect your social media audience to a micro-landing page or straight to your website.

With its advanced system, you can track how many clicks your content receives, monitor what content they prefer and many more!

Experience the joy with Linkjoy for only $49 today.

4. Make the sale process as easy as possible

People nowadays have a quite short retention span and making things complicated on your website will surely be an opportunity loss. It is necessary to make them engaged and make the sales process easy for them to not lose interest over your products . . .  make adding to cart easy with Studiocart!

Studiocart is a platform that gives entrepreneurs the freedom to build customized high-converting check-out pages and sales funnels on their own website! From creating order bumps, one-click upsells, flash sales, discount URLS, down to preparing multiple payment channel options, Studiocart is the powerful tool that all non-techie business owners should have on their WordPress website.

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5. Communicate and assist your customers in all platforms

Last but not the least is the very important key to make a sale. . . Communication!

As there are many platforms to communicate with customers, businesses also need to upgrade and step up their game on how to reach out and solve their customer problems on their own website. Knowing how to start a conversation and gauging how you can extend further to attend to each inquiry is a must, because in reality chat messages are not always the best way to solve your customer concerns, businesses need an all-in-one tool that can cater to all like MadChatter!

MadChatter is an all-in-one live chat plugin tool dedicated for WordPress websites with full-packed features like file sharing, audio messages, Webcam/Screen recorder, and auto-reply that you can use to solve your customers inquiries and problems so you don’t have to worry on how to assist your buyers anymore as MadChatter has it all!

Another mad thing with MadChatter is that it does not only improve customer experience but also improves your team’s performance and capabilities. With its customizable widget, chat assignment, live website traffic report, chat survey & rating features and more, your team can work fast, smart, and efficiently.

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