Five Ways to Boost Your Online Presence

The new normal led entrepreneurs to improvise ways on how they can promote their business and still engage their customers to their brand. From allocating more ad funds online, down to fully utilizing e-commerce websites and social media pages for selling, there’s truly more to look and learn on how one’s business can succeed.

So, let’s get nitty-gritty on things you can try on your online campaign and make your customer’s e-commerce experience memorable!


Livestreaming is very popular among businesses to date since you can set it up remotely using your social media pages Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube for free and customers can watch it at the comforts of their home. But as you consider the professional part like branding, registration, scheduling, etc. things might get out of hand. That’s why you need a good tool like Onlive to get you into details!

Onlive is an end-to-end online encrypted events management platform that enables businesses to launch online and interacting events without a sweat. This tool helps business owners to set up the online event from making a registration website down to the livestreaming itself.

With Onlive, you have full freedom on your stream format and layout as it allows you to tailor it according to your liking. You don’t have to worry on how you can interact to your audience since it has Q&A, Polls, Survey features that you can incorporate on your stream and what’s more awesome is that it supports video calls, chats, and text between exhibitors and attendees so that you can keep them engaged and connected!

Post-reports are not a problem too as Onlive gets you the privilege to dive deeply on your stream metrics as it lets you have information that includes data registration, stream turnout, engagement on polls/Q&A and more.

Stream now and have all of these amazing features for only $79.00 today.

Email Marketing

Emails are old but gold! 

Email Marketing is still a great tool for a stepping stone to introduce an event of yours, giveaway, or just your brand in general. This allows you to get personalized and get into details about your product/service. With all the email marketing apps out there, you should check out and warm up those emails with Email Warmup!

Email Warmupis a tool that can help you to level up your email marketing game as it allows you to send emails straight to your prospects without hitting the spam box and getting blocked by mail providers!

It uses an algorithm, helps you to improve your email reputation, and increase clicks and ROI so your emails won’t be put into waste.

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Nowadays, video tends to drive more engagement compared to images as it grabs more the attention of the audience so this is one of the great tools you can take in mind when you’re planning your campaign. A good video about your product/service will be very beneficial to explain what your product/service is and how it can help them but there’s more work in producing video than images right? Worry no more as we got your back with Vidstep!

Vidstep is a powerful smart video app that can help you turn your videos into effective instructional step-by-step video guides that you can use for your website, social media page, sales demo, and more without the complex production of video editing.

Creating an informative video using Vidstep with its simple interface is easy., just upload a video, add your descriptions, and other resources and voila you have a quality product video! The best part is you can easily work with your team as it supports multiple workspaces that enables you and your team to collaborate in creating video content.

Say goodbye to the long process of video editing, work smart with Vidstep for only $59!

Rewards and Referral System

A good rewards and referral program can directly affect your sales and boost repeat purchases. Because, afterall rewards and referral bonuses are one of the main purchasing drivers for a customer, because who doesn’t want rewards right?

Level up your Rewards and Referral system with Prefinery.

Prefinery is a customer acquisition platform that uses customizable rewards and referral programs that can help your business gain more traction and sales. Make a great impression as Prefinery lets you design at your own liking, be it emails, opt-ins, referral rewards, and more, making it like your own! 

Also, preparing the reward system is very easy, just set up the conditions and rewards will be counted. You can even use Zapier integration to make delivery of the rewards seamless.

Start rewarding your customers using Prefinery for only $199 and see great reward for your business.

Live Chat
Having a way for your customers to contact you in an instant is very important and crucial when it comes to sales so giving them the easiest and the best customer service experience is a must. 

Aside from reaching you out on your social media, isn’t it great if they can also reach you on your website? Start to integrate a live chat plugin on your website like Madchatter!

Madchatter is a live chat plugin tool specially made for WordPress websites that you need as it’s easy-to-install, easy-to-use tool and is full-packed  with these amazing features: File sharing, Audio messages, Webcam / Screen recording, Auto-reply Feature that you and your customers can use.

Upgrade your team’s performance to the next level as they can work faster and more efficiently with additional mad features like customizable widget, chat assignment, live website traffic report, chat survey & rating, download chat transcript, and user tagging for spam prevention. 

All of these in a one-time-payment with no recurring monthly fees and no hidden fees! Plus, you can get extra earnings when you resell it to your fellow business owners!

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