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Launching a startup makes one hyper-aware of the expenses involved in each business process. From securing funding to finding the right talent, costs are for sure numerous and expensive. This is why—understandably entrepreneurs love finding products and tools they can easily procure for free. Fortunately, there are tons of free tools and resources on Appsumo that can surely cater to startups and founders like you.


Free tools for your business. Need I say more?


Gain trust and build authority with your audience using the first-ever content front lead generation tool

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The first step of generating revenue is lead generation—put your best foot forward with LeadLabs. This tool simplifies lead generation and basically puts it on autopilot, leaving you with more time to run your business. LeadLabs makes lead magnet creation, downloading, and content creation easier resulting in higher CTA, well-engaged leads, and ultimately more sales. Do all these within three easy steps—create bite-sized content, share links or embed widgets across all your webpages, blogs, and marketing channels, then watch your leads grow. Plus, easily integrate your growing leads list into your current mailing software, all within LeadLabs.

Your best bet in converting leads to sales.

Nurturing and lead generation made easy. Get started with LeadLabs today.

Burst – Video CMS & UGC Platform

Easily incorporate user-generated content into your sites. 

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Engage viewers like never before with Burst. This tool collates, curates, and integrates content, whether user-generated or otherwise, right into your production workflow or into your site. Burst allows you to crowdsource content through a customizable experience without requiring the off-putting app download. Use this tool to learn techniques to discover and monetize your best media in near real-time. Burst also simplifies legally compliant content acquisition, securing media rights has never been easier. Gain an understanding of your audience and what drives their behavior with Burst’s engagement analytics. Do all these on any device as Burst is based on the cloud.

Cloud-based content curation and more.

Let the crowd be your source. Get Burst for free, today.


Your virtual space to meet and talk with interesting people.

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Imagine a one-on-one TedTalk with the most interesting people. Get just that with InQommon. This tool is a networking platform to meet like-minded people who will surely empower you. InQommon is powered by AI—matching you with interesting, high-quality, and topic-focused communities worldwide. InQommon is networking minus the hassle and given awkwardness. Share insights, discuss and meet within groups or one-on-one. 

Find your community and get meaningful conversations that lead to social and business impact.

Build your community with AI. Download InQommon today.

Power-User for PowerPoint, Excel & Word

Automate your office

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Every office worker spends way too much time on PowerPoint and Excel, why not stand out? Power-User is a productivity add-in that unlocks dozens of features to automate formatting and supercharge your presentations. Make work fifty percent faster—assemble, format, and clean documents in minutes on PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. With Power-User, access thousands of PowerPoint templates, icons, flags, pictures, logos, charts, customizable maps, and the key ability to link your PowerPoint charts and tables to data—make impressive professional-looking slides. Power-User is the most complete add-in, specifically designed to save you time and make you an Office hero.

Spend half the time doing office work.

Try Power-User. Cut your work time in half.

Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0

The best email templates to grow your business relationships

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Writing an email evokes anxiety in itself, writing an effective business email is not different—although necessary to growing your business. Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 is a collation of email scripts used by AppSumo, Sumo Group, and other extremely successful businesses to build relationships and grow brands. Email composition has never been easier, with Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 you simply have to copy and paste into Gmail or any outreach tool for seamless implementation. Simply pick the templates that fit your needs, and get the inside secrets and details behind the reasoning of each email. Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 is Million-Dollar Email Templates simply made smarter—with more templates, easier search function, and simple copy-and-paste from the app (and Gmail integration coming soon). 

Send emails that stand out.

Use emails that actually work. Access Million-Dollar Email Templates today.

Exclusively for Entreplorers:


Most founders invest $70,000 – $150,000 to build their functional prototype and 92% are shut down in 3 years. But you don’t have to be among them! 

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If you’re a professional or someone who really wants to dive into complex features, GarageBand may not be the best choice for you. Not to mention, it’s not even an option for those who have a PC. Fortunately, there are some great GarageBand alternatives out there for Mac, Windows, and even in the cloud. Check this out:

15 Garageband Alternatives for Mac, Windows, and Cloud