Get your business moving with these 5 apps

Running a business nowadays requires not just the basic knowledge and skills in marketing, sales, and operations, it also requires a keen understanding of technology and how you can apply it to your business. And as a small business owner, you need to attend to many things like monitoring your team, preparing your strategy, and creating your pub mats, down to growing your network and sometimes you can’t focus on everything, and worse things got out of hand (we know the feeling *hugs*).

So, we’re here to help and walk you through apps that can make your business operation easier to handle so you can work smarter and get more sales than ever before.

For a productive and seamless operation –

Working remotely is the trend today and as this gives convenience to everyone, sometimes it’s a little challenging to attend to a few problems down the line especially when it involves supporting your team or client’s system.

You’re lucky today as we have to help you out! is an app that can help you have access to your team or client’s computer system remotely. With just a few clicks, you can connect to their desktops anytime and anywhere, you just need to have web access with a common URL, download an agent, run it on the desktop you want to access, go to the link generated by the agent, and voila access approved!

Get over the hassle and trouble by using for only $99.

Connect to their demo server today and see how you can assist and operate easily.

For a fruitful connection and network – Linvo

LinkedIn is a platform used to look for talents, find jobs, and look for potential customers and business partners. As more users use the app, more opportunities arise; building your connection and managing it is very important.

Gone are the days you needed to manually message and research for potential customers as we have Linvo!

Linvo is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to connect, message, and follow up at the same time to more than 20 connections in one dashboard. Using its powerful and user-friendly system, you can set up a campaign within minutes and build a workflow that works according to your liking.

Start building your network and grow your business with Linvo.

Available on AppsumoPlus for only $200.

For a professional video output – FlexClip 

Nothing beats visuals, so video is a great tool to use in introducing your product and services to attract customers. Businesses allot ample time to produce a video material because as effective as it is, it also requires a great amount of time, money, and effort to make but not with FlexClip!

FlexClip is an all-in-one editing software dedicated to business and all occasions! With FlexClip, you don’t have to spend so much time on editing a video as it is equipped with advanced editing tools that allow you and your team to edit and take full control of the video appearance, background music, transition, cuts, and many more, thus more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Also, FlexClip has amazing key features such as an easy-to-use & clean storyboard, videos, music, and stock images library, simple and creative video templates, different photo & video formats, flexible editing features (like trim, split, add text/animations, music, watermark, etc.), and the ability to export videos with high resolutions is a catch that you want to try and don’t wanna miss.

Create a professional video for your brand within minutes with FlexClip for only $49 today!

For a creative copy – Writecream

A good copy is one of the crucial parts of an overall content be it on email, blog post, social media post, article, or product description as it helps to convey what you want to tell your customers.

But sometimes we just run out of words . . . but not anymore with Writecream!

Writecream is an AI-powered tool that can generate personalized, customized, and creative copy for your sales and marketing. Writecream gives you the convenience of being efficient as you can write a copy to more than 30+ tools such as blog posts, Facebook posts, cold emails, Google Ads, and more without a sweat.

What’s more amazing is that for cold emails, Writecream can scan your prospects, be it websites or LinkedIn profiles, gather the important details, write personalized cold emails for your business, and send it to your database.

Write a better copy that works with Writecream for $59!

For a better website performance – Screpy

Maintaining a website is quite a handful as it requires things such as design and copies for its appearance, seamless coding, and user-friendly UI for an overall experience, and last but not the least SEO to make it searchable on the internet.

That’s why Screpy is here for your SEO and website monitoring and analysis needs.

Screpy is an AI-based SEO tool to make your website on the top searches as Screpy enables you to monitor and track latest keywords, check for syntax, speed up a website, and automate generated task. With these tools, you don’t need to hire a pro and pay more to maintain your website!

Save money and get your website on the top of each search engine using Screpy.

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