Guide to Internet Marketing: Five Tools You Should Know About

In today’s era, 90% of businesses use the internet as one of the major arenas to promote their products/services. They utilized the power of social media, emails, videos, etc. to talk to their respective customers, tap new markets, and boost their sales.

As businesses are now online, one (like you) should take a step forward and think of ways they can promote their products/service in a unique and creative way that catches the eye in an instant.

Here’s a guide to what specific media channels you can use to leverage your online presence and get sky-rocketed clicks and sales!


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve a site’s visibility to people searching for a product/service related to a business on search engines such as Google or Bing. Businesses need to use keywords related to their business on their website’s content to increase the chances of being found.

Finding and using the right keywords on your site is a tricky job but we have a handy-friend to help you out here and then, introducing the Ranktracker.

Ranktracker is an SEO platform dedicated for researching keywords, analyzing competition, and tracking search engine rankings for optimized site traffic. With this tool, monitoring keywords and your website relevance is easy as it has a friendly UI that is straightforward.

Know the best keywords and use it to your advantage as Ranktracker provides you in-depth research of on-demand keywords used by customers and of course your competitors.

Increase your visibility and get website clicks at a speed of light for only $49! 

Email campaigns and Landing Pages

Email campaigns and landing pages have been out for a long time and even though it’s a classic internet marketing channel, emails and landing pages still work wonders as you can target a specific set of people, push specific promos and product/service, and get personalized on it! Be smarter when it comes to growing your business using email campaigns and landing pages with the latest marketing platform in town, Acumbamail.

Acumbamail is a platform built to help businesses to create professional and attractive email campaigns that sell! This tool is equipped with hundreds of templates and ready to customize designs that you can use for your brand, plus it lets you schedule the send out of emails to specific date and time to ensure your emails are sent in the perfect timing in correlation with your customer’s behavior.

With Acumbamail, accumulating stats and analytics is easy and you can experiment what works for you be it newsletters, RSS, automatic autoresponders, and A/B test options for specific campaign-type settings.

Go extra with Acumbamail for only $79! 


Why not go out of the norm and explore new channels to promote your business? One tool we can recommend is trying out podcasts! Podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files where people can listen about topics, issues, and etc. This is the best tool when you’re targeting audiences who are always on-the-go or just want to listen to something while they do their usual routine.

A perfect and ear-catching podcast lies on the voice quality. Voice recording is a tedious and time consuming task so we’re eliminating that with the use of Listnr.

Listnr is an AI conversion tool that lets you easily create and transform text to naturally voice-based content without recording any. It helps you save time and money as you can produce high-quality natural sounding audio content that you can use in your podcast, audiobooks, or even have it as “voice-over” on your videos.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can create voice-overs in just two clicks right from the dashboard and get to choose from over 270 fresh voices and 70 different languages including Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin, so you can reach a wider, more global audience.

See how podcasting works on your business with Listnr for $79 for a limited time only!


Webinars is indeed one of the popular marketing channels this 2021. It is usually used to interact and share knowledge virtually with anyone anywhere! With the use of webinars, you can easily build relationships with your audience. And as more apps are on-board to help you set up your webinar, most are not interactive enough to use. Say no to dull moments with GoBrunch

GoBrunch is the newest and versatile webinar platform that provides more engagement and higher value for virtual attendees. With its unique interface, webinars are not boring anymore as it provides you a fun and creative space like choosing a room layout, giving participants to choose where to seat (yes, just like in-person events) plus all the cool features; screen sharing, presenter/participant spotlight, playing video content, recording the entire sessions, multiple break-out rooms, downloading files, and more!

Skip the Zoom fatigue, switch to GoBrunch now for only $79 and make your webinars as fun as ever!

Chat messages – Live Chat

Chat messages play a key role in getting leads and making first impressions to customers. It is also the first step in making a sale. Answering all inquiries manually will take time, effort, and money so utilizing live chat plugins on your website and other platforms is beneficial to your business and team.

But have you heard of an all-in-one live chat plugin that does all plus gives you incentives when you resell it to your fellow business owners? I think not, so now is the time to get to know Madchatter.

Madchatter is an easy-to-install all-in-one live chat plugin for WordPress that gives you the maximum potential to market your products through chat messaging. With its full-packed features that includes: File sharing, audio messages, Webcam / Screen recording, and Auto-reply Feature, you don’t have to worry on how to approach and attend an inquiry because you have all the means to solve it.

Make your team’s performance faster and more efficient as Madchatter offers features like customizable widget, Chat assignment, Live website traffic report, Chat survey & rating, Downloading chat transcript, and User tagging for spam prevention that can help your team perform their task to the fullest.