Here’s How to Manage Your Finances Like a Pro!

Owning a business isn’t easy. There’s so much to do, from issuing invoices to keeping track of expenses to dealing with taxes. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably wonder how on earth you can do business when there are so many financial obligations – it seems like there’s no time to actually do business.

In the past, it was a challenge for businesses to keep track of all financial transactions. Thankfully, technology has come up with some new tools that help take the headache out of finances. Now you can grow your business without having to worry about everything from invoices to payroll. To help you get started, here are some awesome financial tools you can use.


It’s time to get started. Let’s learn from these tools and apply them to our business.


Powerful, curated dashboards on your side to help you run your business even better.

(Now only USD 49 from USD 228)

SheetChart is a reporting tool with core, easy-to-use dashboards that fully integrate with Google Sheets to help you track your essential business data. Choose your preferred granularity and presto… you get deeper insights into your data. WithSheetChart you’ll be able to create the reports you need without building your own from scratch or managing different templates. With this tool, tracking your metrics will not anymore be expensive and tedious. 

Make better decisions about growing your business with your data and actionable insights. 

Be that entrepreneur who is future-ready! Get SheetChart now.


Fastest and easiest bookkeeping and accounting software

(Now only USD 65)

No expense is left unaccounted for with Cheqbook. This tool is an accounting software specifically engineered to save you time. With more features than any of the competitors, Cheqbook is the best software to have come tax season. Never lose your records with its automated daily backup and lockable books. Send professional invoices and accept payments, manage bills and print checks, and get financial reports including balance sheets and P&L all within Cheqbook. Track cash flow on the go with books you can view on your tablet. Cheqbook is serious about getting your accounting right, you can even easily have your accountant go over it. 

Save your business the hassle of accounting.

Accounting sans the chaos. Try Cheqbook.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice clients from the office or at the beach.

(Now only USD 50 from USD 100)

Demand compensation confidently with Invoice Ninja. This tool lets you invoice clients, track your work time, and ultimately lets you get paid in a perfectly streamlined process. Create custom on-brand invoices for your one-time transactions and your recurring clients with automated late-payment reminders and all the trappings of a physical invoice. Invoice Ninja lets you accept credit cards, and PayPal payments whether one-time or retainer payments complete with email notifications when clients view and pay, all with a client-side portal with security options. Send the right quote to clients in real-time with convenient bulk emailing functionality, that way you won’t ever lose a client due to delayed responses. Track the time you spend on projects—never undervalue your service ever again. Plus, easily track expenses letting you easily bill your client accordingly. 

Create, send, and get paid.

Get paid correctly and quickly. Try Invoice Ninja today.

Equitest – Online Valuation Platform

Calculate. Equate. Valuate.

(Now only USD 99 from USD 990)

Need accurate real-time business valuation, Equitest is the tool you need. This is where you can discover, monitor, and optimize any business’s net worth in under 20 minutes. With Equitest, you’ll have to freedom to automate data-intensive tasks and focus on scaling your business. Arm yourself with detailed professional reports to have complete peace of mind to roll out your next round of funding.  Reduce errors and streamline business processes using Equitest’s technological solutions. 

Valuate your business in minutes.

Make the right business decision, always. Run Equitest today.


Automate billing workflow

(Now only USD 99.99 from USD 3,599.64)

Somewhere between scoring your first job and giving appreciation discounts to your regulars, getting paid became a job all on its own. Tracking your hours, tallying totals, and creating invoices for all your clients can dizzy even the most organized of us, not with EZBILLING360. This tool automates the entire billing process, including time tracking, creating invoices, and monitoring sales. When you register to EZBILLING360, you start with a quick onboarding video letting you set up your account and blue arrows that guide you through the way. Its best feature is EZBILLING360’s handy wizard which does all the math for you and applies changes to your invoice instantly. All these are done in a simple yet intuitive UI.

No more second-guessing your billing process.

Sure and secure billing. Get EZBILLING360.


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