How to Generate Leads for your Business: The Best Tools You Need

Today, generating leads and sales are the two most vital functions of a business. We all know that inbound marketing and PR are the most cost and time efficient ways of accomplishing this. But if you’re a business on a budget, you might be left wondering where you’ll find all the time and funding that’s needed to make successful marketing and PR happen.

But for small and mid-sized businesses, lead generation has become a major challenge. You need to generate leads with the fewest possible resources, so you can keep your expenses under control. Let us show you some of the most effective (and cost and time efficient) tools for lead generation. 

Ready to generate leads for your business? Great! Read on to discover the best and most affordable tools today.


You want leads, and you want them now. Check out these most effective tools.

Mail Warm

Warmup your emails & land in Inbox

(Now only USD 49 from USD 4,500)

Mail Warm keeps you out of the spam box, plan and simple. You setup your email on mail warm and we use P2P technology to send emails from your email to other real users on our network to keep your emails out the spam box. Mail Warm’s AI makes sure all your activity is natural and mimicking what a human would do. It has several integrations including custom SMTP, Google SMTP, Google Login, Yahoo, Aol, Yandex, and so much more. With MailWarm, you can build up your email reputation and increase email deliverability.

Increase the chance of landing your emails at inbox by monitoring and warming up your emails.

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Build high-converting video funnels for your website and social media

(Now only USD 69 from USD 468)

You can’t expect visitors to read your website when they can barely finish reading a BuzzFeed listicle. What if there was a platform that made it easy to build out interactive video funnels that drive conversions in any market? Meet Vidpopup – a video funnel builder that helps you interact with your website visitors in real time to convert more leads. Vidpopup lets you build video funnels by uploading video content, recording new content on the platform, or using stock videos, let your viewers share their feedback via text, audio, and video, automate follow-up emails by integrating with AWeber, MailChimp, and Sendinblue, and so much more.

Build out your own interactive video funnels to engage your target audience in real time and convert more leads.

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Support Board

Upgrade your customer support with chatbots powered by AI

(Now only USD 69 from USD 120)

Do you need a tool that automates your online customer service across popular channels, letting your live agents resolve bigger tickets? Meet Support Board – a tool that automates your customer support with AI-powered bots and a chat system optimized for conversational marketing. Support Board helps your live agents manage customer support interactions. It also lets you train your chatbot to help customers with more advanced requests, communicate with customers via social media, text message, and email and so much more.

Manage customer conversations across channels and leverage automated chatbots for a seamless customer service experience.

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Use analytics to design personalized landing pages for outbound and inbound marketing

(Now only USD 79 from USD 1,400)

Are you looking for a tool that helps you personalize your existing pages and fine-tune them for different lead segments, based on precise data and analytics. Meet Markettailor – the tool that will help you create data-driven landing pages for B2B leads with audience segmentation, conversion tracking, and A/B testing. Markettailor lets you use the no-code visual editor to create unique websites for different inbound leads, integrate your CRM or upload a CSV to leverage data, display relevant pain points, customer testimonials, and use cases, and more. With account-based marketing, you can create targeted content for each audience segment. It also has inbound segmentation and audience breakdowns provide a full overview of potential leads visiting your site.

Build targeted websites based on data and analytics, as well as run A/B tests to maximize conversions.

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Spott Commercial License

Get seamless, measurable conversion on the moment you inspire people with your content.

(Now only USD 99 from USD 3,600)

Picture an easy way to create interactive content that makes your audience act instead of idly scrolling, boosting your sales and marketing efforts – and this will be a lot easier with Spott. It is a game-changer for marketers that want to take their sites to the next level by adding kick-ass interactive elements. Spott lets you create interactive content, publish it to different channels, and track its success along the way. Increase session times, sales leads, average basket value, and traffic on your website using interactive content, customize the content interactivity based on branding, content type, and preferred conversion, use iframes to integrate any lead form into your content, retarget users that have interacted with your content via other platforms grow your business, and so much more. 

Increase session times, improve lead generation, and boost conversions on your website using interactive content. 

Make your images, videos and PDFs interactive. Get Spott Commercial License today.


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