Improve Workflow with These Tools

Productivity is never an accident—it is a combination of the desire for excellence, intelligent planning, and persistent effort. Additionally, productivity is a product of productivity apps. With the competitiveness of the current times, it is only right to use applications and various tools to improve your work both in timeliness and in quality.


Tenaciously plow through the workday with productivity tools.

Popify- Plus exclusive

Popups sans code

(Now only USD 39 from USD 980)

Generate popup notifications with zero code knowledge with Popify. Not only does this tool help you create popups and generate FOMO, but it also provides you with a powerful backend to track all the statistics. Popify helps you create campaigns for multiple websites each with multiple notification widgets, get advanced analytics, and fully customize notifications using the notification editor. Choose between over twenty widgets to fit your popup needs—from informational, email collectors, video, to feedbacks.

Start creating popups that will surely skyrocket your growth.

Popups that serve their purpose. Create them with Popify.


Powerful yet easy-to-use screen record and video editor

(Now only USD 59 from USD 119)

Easily record and edit easy-to-follow video tutorials with ScreenToVideo. This tool is the most customizable screen recorder and video editor designed to create impressive presentations from scratch. Capture an application window, a chosen area, or your entire screen, insert texts, shapes, effects, sounds, images, videos, and animation, publish, and share all within ScreenToVideo. Effectively have all the editing and capturing tools you will ever need to churn out presentations and video tutorials quickly.

Simplify your presentation creation process.

Start editing high quality videos without any experience. Download ScreenToVideo now.

Updigital Speech Synthesis Software

The software to create human-like voice over content

(Now only USD 79 from USD 1,500)

Too shy to record your voice but wish to create a human voice for your brand? Meet Updigital Speech Synthesis Software—text-to-speech technology that leverages neural network techniques to deliver an engaging not at all bot-sounding voice for your brand. When you give an audible voice to your brand, you instantly increase content accessibility, user engagement, and time on page metrics. Choose from Updigital Speech Synthesis Software’s 500+ realistic AI voices in 65 languages and convert unlimited characters into AI voices. None of the robot-sounding voiceovers that tend to lull readers to sleep.

Text-to-speech has never sounded more human.

Be humanly audible. Start with Updigital Speech Synthesis Software.

Clockk – AI-powered time tracking

Track your time without actual time tracking

(Now only USD 89 from USD 540)

Everyone hates timesheets. Clockk makes timesheets easy by collecting your work history for you—this includes files you edit, web apps you used, and your calendar all in one place. Clockk is your whole day available at a glance organized for you by project. Make sure you send out accurate invoices with expert time tracking including finding those extra thirsty minute “quick tweaks” here and there. Clockk protects you from prying eyes and keeps all your personal information private and secure. With its AI capabilities, you can train Clockk to organize your work by project. Additionally, Clockk generates powerful reports that will help you estimate new jobs, increase your rate, drop unprofitable clients, and improve your productivity. With Clockk, you can work the way you want to without having to worry about tracking billable minutes. 

Tracking your time for you.

Start improving your productivity with Clockk today.


A password manager without a master password

(Now only USD 90 from USD 1,080)

Replace the Notes app as your password storage with heylogin. This tool is a completely secure password manager without a master password. heylogin is secured by your smartphone—you can log in with FaceID, fingerprint, or ID. No OTP and confirmation SMS are needed.  heylogin uses a special login mask which allows you to log in to all web-based applications with just one click. It’s that SSO feeling without SSO costs. Significantly simplify password management at an organization scale, create teams and invite employees for easy sharing of logins without risky mails and sticky notes. Of course, it also helps with onboarding and offboarding of employees. Prepare logins so that the new employee only has to install the app and can get started immediately, or revoke access rights immediately when an employee leaves the company – no problem with heylogin.

Logins made easy with heylogin.

Securely log in today. Start with heylogin.


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