6 black Friday and lifetime deals to help you improve your website conversions

This post is going to be about tools that help you improve your website conversion rate and are on sales right now or very very soon. So if you care about how to get more people to take more action on your website and to save money on tools, read on.

Endorsal – automate your testimonials

Testimonials and endorsements are crucial when it comes to building trust, hence increasing conversions on your website where there’s no face-to-face interaction.

Endorsal fully automates the collection and display of testimonials so you can receive higher-quality endorsements, from more clients, in less time.

Before finding out about Endorsal, we use a WordPress plugin called Thrive Ovation to automatically display collected testimonials on some of our websites.

However, using a SaaS tool like Endorsal brings an obvious advantage which is the ability to display your testimonials and endorsements on websites that are not built with WordPress.

Endorsal is on a lifetime deal right now for only $49. Click here to check out the deal page on Appsumo.

Get more social share with easy social share buttons

This one is a WordPress plug-in that we have been using for a few months on one of our websites.
If you want more people to share your WordPress website, this is simply the best plugin to use.
It’s amazing that you can buy this plug-in right now for only $10.
We bought it when it wasn’t on sale 🙁
It comes with hundreds of options to allow you to customize the social share buttons on your website.

Besides numerous options that allow you to customize the social share buttons, one feature that we particularly like is the integration with MyCred which allows your visitors to earn points by just sharing your website. This, if set up correctly, will help you get a lot more shares than just asking people to share your website.

So check out this super cheap but powerful plug-in right here.

Apprised – A suite of conversion tools

Apprised helps you create social proof on your website with simple installation, but Apprised is much more than a social proof platform.

Unlike many other social proof tools such as this one which can only show simple social proof pop-ups, Apprised gives you a lot of tools to choose from conversion counter popups to NPS Survey.

And it is on LTD for a super low price starting from only $19.99.
Visit the deal here

Webtail – Heatmaps and session recordings

Looking forward to with that helps you optimize your website with real user interactions using heatmaps, session replays without breaking the bank?

Look no further! Webtail is on sales throughout this black Friday and Cyber Monday. No more monthly fees just to see the heatmaps of your webpages and the recordings of your visitors.

Check out the deal page here

Convertpages Build Entire Conversion Experiences Fast

This deal will be available in 2 days at the time of writing this blog post.

The reason why we are excited about this deal is that this tool comes from the same company that made Marketplan – the tool that we used to plan out, build and track our marketing funnels. The founder is an awesome marketer and they really know what they are talking about, which translates into their products.

Keep an eye on this deal on this page here.

Boost – Add social sign-ups to your opt in forms

Wondering why you’re opt-in forms are not performing as well as before?
It’s because people are tired of filling out opt-in forms on every website that they visit.

With Boost, you can improve the conversions on your existing opt-in forms by adding social opt-in options. This video will show you how.

During this black Friday and cyber Monday, Boost is on sales for 60% off on all plans. Use the coupon code 60BLACKFRIDAY2019 when checking out to claim the deal.

Above are 6 deals and discounts on tools that can help you improve your website conversion. Do you know any deals of website conversion tools that we missed? Comment below and let us know.