Update Your Marketing Toolkit With These Deals

Marketing is one of the most lucrative industries in today’s work market, which means that it’s also one of the most demanding. Someone who works in the field takes on several all-around tasks in just a day— creating content, meeting with clients, and monitoring trends and competitions, among other things. With these many things on your to-do list, you probably … Read More

What’s The Latest? | All the Tools you Need to Hear About This Week

The pandemic, though unquestionably a dark time in human history, forced positive changes in how businesses work. Since its onset in March 2020, more and more companies are shifting to remote work permanently, allowing employees to safely work in the comfort of their homes while boosting productivity by forty-seven percent. Taking this improvement one step further would require the proper … Read More

Drive-up Sales with These Lead Generation Tools

Prospecting for sales manually is time-consuming, stealing hours away from scaling and managing your business. Lead generation tools automate and refine that process for you. It allows your marketing team to create campaigns that bring in higher-quality leads. Finding the right tool for your business and its process however can be tasking, to say the least. This is why we … Read More

Web Development Tools Devs Actually Use

Web development has come a long way since the dawn of the internet. Actually, thanks to the versatility of cloud computing, we often don’t even need a powerful computer at all. But as the digital world evolves, so does the role of a web developer. You are expected to know your way around UI and UX design, prototyping, wire-framing, SEO … Read More

Business Tools at a Fraction of the Cost

Drive, commitment, confidence, and passion—are the usual traits associated with successful business people. But in this modern age, even the most driven, committed, confident, and passionate business people need some help. With so many helpful, data-driven, even free business tools and solutions right within your reach, it can be confusing which ones can actually benefit your enterprise. In the following list, … Read More

Design Tools, Designed For You

If you’re a web or graphic designer, chances are you spend your days dealing with software and tools that help you do your job. At times these tools seem perfect but each has its little quirks and points of annoyance. However, who has the time to go through numerous beta apps to find the perfect one right? We’ll help you … Read More

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What’s the Latest? | Tools To Look Out For This Week

Running your own business is about finding the right combination of tools, people at processes that helps you perform at your utmost capacity. With so many software platforms to choose from, where does one start really? To help you cut down time wasted on research and software trials, we have curated a list of the freshest ones to date. SUPER … Read More

The Rising Stars of Digital Business Tools—Low-key but Still Mighty Tools

Your day is probably ruled by business tools, from Microsoft Office to more specialized ones like HubSpot. With all these working for you, you might miss on the rising stars of the business digital tools world. These tools are just as helpful and efficient, if not more, but can be of half the cost. SUPER SAVERS: SAVE up to $4,000 … Read More

Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Grow your Business

During the pandemic, companies all over the world are forced into altering how they run their business to conform to the ever-changing health standards. Possibly the only way companies made it through this new normal is their ability to pivot and change course usually with the help of technologies that fill in human deficiencies.  Nowadays, AI in society is pretty normal in … Read More