Deliver a High ROI: Discover the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

Indeed, marketing is a vital component of business operations – from attracting to expanding the lifetime value of your customers to growing leads and revenue. But in difficult times, marketing – the amount of time spent and the costs that entails it – is one of the firsts to be slashed in any organization. Fortunately, there’s a growing number of … Read More

Increase Sales, Retain Customers: Tools to Improve Customer Experience!

Having a website and a social media page is a necessity in today’s business game. Maintaining the page, making content, pushing for more traffic, and sales of both is quite a handful, not to mention you getting to smaller details from making the images and graphs you presented on your platforms and getting your product to be seen outside your … Read More

Move up with it: Elevate your skills and your business

Learning, as they say, is a never-ending process. It does not end after you graduated from college, or after you’ve contributed to a job. We know this. And this is why, a lot of us had planned to enroll in an MBA program or acquire certifications to keep ourselves updated to the most recent advancements, business trends, to remain relevant … Read More

Now and Ever: Kick-start your Business in the Half-year

Time flies so fast. It seems only yesterday you celebrated the new year full of hopes with goals and resolutions set for yourself, your career, and or your business. 2021 is almost halfway over – for most, a vital period that serves as a key to grasping where you are today, to working out where you want to be at … Read More

Sure Way to Drive & Increase Conversion: Catch your Viewer’s Attention with Lasting Impressions

The way we communicate has changed a lot in recent years. And visual/graphic design has played a very important role especially in every businesses’ conversion strategies. The power of images has undeniably proven its effectiveness in any form of communication. Remember in school how those colorful books have charmed and magnetized us more than the generic, wordy books? Well, visual … Read More

Who Says You Can’t Have It All: Tools that Do Almost Everything You Need

In the recent year, lots of business leaders relied to business-related apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools to ease them from countless tasks in running a business – from overseeing the team & collaboration, creating websites or forms, billing, customer support, to IT security –without the need to endure the costs of hardware purchase, provisioning and maintenance, software licensing, installation, and … Read More

Keep Your Sales Coming In (Even with this saturated digital space)

Companies are now embracing technology as part of their business model as customers are always online. From letting people know about the business, products, or services that they offer, down to the actual sale, everything can be done remotely. More and more businesses are going digital, with most starting on the use of digital tools. So, in a saturated digital … Read More

Must-Have Apps for Your Digital Business

Last month, we hosted two webinars featuring great apps that help any digital business improve their operations. In this post, we look back to why you need them in your digital arsenal. MailCheck You’ve collected, built, and grown your email list. You send out email campaigns on a regular basis to keep in touch with your audience and provide them … Read More