Paldesk Review – Stop switching between livechat and support desk

Paldesk LTD:

We all overspend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t we?

I did it last year buying a bunch of deals that I even haven’t touched once till now.

So this year I made a promise to myself that I would only buy 3 deals that I really need for my business right now

instead of buying things that I think I will need later on.

Today, I’d like to share with you my review of Paldesk – one of the 3 tools that I bought.

This tool puts your email helpdesk and your other customer communication channels such as live chat in one place

so your support team can stop switching between helpdesk and live chat like we’ve been doing and spend more time talking with your customers.

Watch my review video to see a full walkthrough and my opinions on the pros and cons of Paldesk: 

​​We’ll implement Paldesk to replace Liveagent and Rocketbots on website

What about you? Will you implement Paldesk after seeing it in action? ​​