Protect and Secure your Business with these Tools

Software and apps are a must for cyber privacy and freedom, for individuals and businesses alike. Monitoring the network, system, and files alone without apps will pose a challenge. Luckily, software to protect you from nasty breaches is abundant. Sifting through countless lists, we have curated the best ones you can use to protect you and your resources from any attacks.


Be marked safe and protected from data invasions.

Control D

Take back control

(Now only USD 30 from USD 40)

In this house, the only cookies we want are the ones with chocolate. Keep those pesky trackers at bay with Control D.This tool prevents ads and trackers from loading in the first place. That’s just Control D’s main feature, it can also bypass geo-restrictions, improve productivity and create parental controls. Control D is a fully customizable DNS service, similar to Pi-Hole, AdGuard or NextDNS, but with proxy capabilities. This means it not only blocks things (ads, porn, etc), but can also unblock websites and services.

Take back your internet.

Get started with Control D and take back control.


Jailbreak-free GPS location spoofer

(Now only USD 39.95 from USD 59.95)

Virtually change your GPS location in one-click with MockGo. This tool changes your location on location-based apps such as AR games, social platforms, etc. MockGo can go into teleport mode, one-stop mode, and multi-stop mode. You can also change your location with exact precision with MockGo’s joystick feature. Export your location history into GPX too.

Never get tracked.

Wander securely. Start using MockGo.

WP Force SSL

SSL for both SEO and visitors

(Now only USD 49 from USD 199)

All the SSL tools and options you need is in WP Force SSL.  Monitor your SSL in an easy-to-use centralized dashboard—keep an eye on more than 50 errors each time it checks your site. WP Force SSL scans your content in minutes and provides a comprehensive report to avoid mixed content errors. It would not slow down your site and would even generate an SSL certificate for you.

Get the green lock without any problems.

Secure your site with WP Force SSL today.


Baptism by fire for your site

(Now only USD 550 from USD 630)

Run tests as far as you can reach with Rungutan. This tool is a disruptive API load testing platform that runs tests in three minutes. The unfathomable speed is thanks to Rungutan’s 100% serverless technology.  Stimulate workflows, connect, monitor, and expand your reach with this tool. Load testing helps you anticipate problems for your site before launch, do it quickly Rungutan.

Fastest load test there is.

Develop sites that will process any load. Anticipate problems with Rungutan.

Human Presence

Freedom from form spam

(Now only USD 99 from USD 22,000)

Get total bot protection with Human Presence. A lot of platforms have promised protection from bots but never have been effective on WordPress. Not until Human Presence. This tool is compatible with the most popular themes, plugins, and apps on WordPress including Gravity Forms, WP Forms, WooCommerce reviews, and more. Whether it is comment spam or automated contact form spam, it’s incredibly annoying and can be detrimental to the company’s website & customers.

Easy to use and invisible bot protection.

Keep bots out with Human Presence.


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