Revolutionize Your Business with these Five Cost-Efficient Apps!

The e-commerce industry keeps growing each day and as more customers shift to shop online, there’s also more problems arising especially when it comes with getting leads, dealing with customers, and doing the actual sale.

And as we know, there’s a lot of apps going around promising to help and improve how your business’ customer service is but ending up just another waste of money.

With that, we collect the top trending and cost-efficient apps that can revolutionize your business and help you manage your leads and deal with your customers in ways you can’t think of.

Be active on your chats even when you’re away with! is a smart AI chatbot that can help you address the need for a faster response with a human touch. This chatbot is extraordinary as it can hold real-life-like conversations that keep getting better as you develop its chatbot skills using natural languages.

Launching complex automations and setting up triggers for live chat with humans can be done 10x easier and faster with its user-friendly and easy to understand platform.

What are you waiting for? Get active with now for $59 for a limited time only!


Streamline your process . . . Send and receive messages about your business from your computer using! is a powerful tool that can help you interact more with your customers by the use of mobile messages be it local or international. You can check incoming messages from Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS plus web chat and QR code included, all in one screen!

Sell and connect with your customers worldwide…

Start your journey with today for only $99!

3. Boei

Make your customers contact you by the way they like it with Boei.

Boei is an app that can be integrated on your website to help you reach and connect to customers via their favorite channels! No more missed opportunities as you can accept messages and calls from all of the major platforms available in the market, you name it Boei has it!

Plug and start a conversation right away and keep the conversation going even after they’ve left your site. Amazing right?

Switch to Boei for only $49 today and experience more conversations!

4. HelpSpace

Get all the help you need with HelpSpace, the user-friendly help-desk solution!

HelpSpace removes the hassle of switching platforms just to manage your messages as you can receive all inquiries from different channels in one inbox!

Reply and collaborate with your team to get leads in a swift manner. HelpSpace has an intuitive design which makes it very easy for you and your team! You can also create and brand your self-service site with its varied design and style from Documentation, Help Center, and Blog.

Enjoy one year of full-packed features and access for only $199 today.

Visit their website and reach out for help with HelpSpace!

5. Madchatter

Make mad sales and connect to more customers with Madchatter. . . The newest and trendy all-in-one live chat plugin with voice/screes/webcam recording features and more dedicated for WordPress websites!

Madchatter helps you simplify your customer service process as you can have all the means to talk and address your customers’ concern in just one tool. With full-packed features that include file sharing, audio messages, webcam / screen recording plus auto-reply feature, you won’t have to worry about unresolved messages, backlogs, and missed sales.
Integrating Madchatter to your site is easy and will send your business to great heights you can’t imagine.

Let your team work faster and smarter with Madchatter or resell this white-label-ready tool and earn monthly, recurring revenue.

Watch this video to learn more about Madchatter.

Now you all have the tools that can help you move your business to the moon! Choose what fits you and see great results.