Robots and AI Are the Future of Business, Here’s How to Make the Most of It

A global pandemic has hit companies worldwide. The only way they have made it through this calamity is by changing their business operations and adapting to the new standards. It’s possible that only their ability to pivot and change course saved them. It has been a difficult time. In most cases, the new normal is filled with technologies that fill in the gaps in human capabilities. Indeed, technology has helped them survive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pretty common these days. It’s being used everywhere even at home (“Hey, Siri!” or “Alexa, how’s the weather today?”). In the near future (maybe months or weeks from now?), machines will be able to do a lot more than they can do today. Although they will never be able to think like a human, they will still be able to do a lot of repetitive tasks, freeing up humans to focus on more important tasks. Say hello to these first tools in the market that uses cutting-edge technology in new ways.


Powerful, cutting-edge tools to enhance businesses.

Keep website visitors engaged with interactive link preview pop-ups

(Now only USD 59 from USD 240)

Wow, your website is stuffed with good content. No wonder why it’s getting so many clicks. By adding hyperlinks to your site, you can improve your SEO. However, that traffic spike is meaningless if people are leaving immediately. If only you could preview the content of each link without leaving the page. Meet – a tool that automatically adds link preview pop-ups so visitors can view and interact with hyperlink content without leaving your website. lets you showcase the content of any hyperlink on your website with mobile-friendly pop-ups, integrate with major website builders, including Elementor, WordPress, and Wix, click on or hover over a hyperlink on your website to get an instant preview of the content, and more. It also allows you to display link previews in dark or light mode to provide a non-intrusive experience for your website visitors.

Generate interactive popups that give visitors a preview of linked content, so they never have to leave your website. 

Boost retention across your site. Get now.

Dashed AI

Turn LinkedIn into a data-driven sales channel

(Now only USD 69 from USD 1,350)

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for sales, but it lacks the tools to track actionable KPIs and automatically filter prospects based on interest. This is where Dashed AI comes in. It allows you track actionable KPIs & automatically filter prospects based on interest, transforming LinkedIn into a data-driven sales machine. Dashed AI is an AI-powered sales tool that connects your LinkedIn account to your CRM to track leads based on intent, so you can close more deals. It lets you access 20+ actionable KPIs that help you identify warm leads and adjust outreach efforts to increase sales, automatically add prospects to your CRM based on their interest, so it’s easy to know how to move them through your sales pipeline, ditch the cluttered LinkedIn inbox with a clean view of all your interested prospects and a whole lot more. 

Turn LinkedIn into a high-converting sales channel. 

Close more sales on LinkedIn. Get Dashed AI today.

Markopolo ai

Automate search and social media ad campaigns with one AI-powered platform

(Now only USD 69 from USD 348)

Even though you’re a pro, it’s tough to be on top of everything and manage multiple campaigns. There are so many ad networks to use, and managing them is stressful. What if there was an all-in-one platform that automated your work and used AI to run high-converting, targeted campaigns? Meet Markopolo ai – a tool that uses AI to generate social copy, identify target audiences, and schedule cross-platform social media and search ad campaigns. Markopolo ai lets you create targeted ads in seconds using free templates and AI-generated copy, maximize ROI with AI-powered audience targeting, or create your own custom audience from scratch, and access data for individual posts and full-scale campaigns from one intuitive dashboard. Markopolo guides you through the process of creating smart multichannel ad campaigns.

Roll all the ad creation and campaign management tools you need into one platform that’s backed by powerful AI automation.

Run hassle-free ad campaigns. Try Markopolo ai today.


Intuitive booking and admin solution for instructors

(Now only USD 69 from USD 960)

Sharing your passion and knowledge as a job can be a dream which can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare when you start to factor in tasks like managing bookings, charging, and marketing. Spare yourself from the hassle with Ubindi, a powerful admin solution for independent instructors and small schools and studios. Be it yoga, fitness, music, cooking, languages, and arts and crafts… Ubindi can take care of your administrative tasks to help you focus on adding value to your lessons. Get a simple and intuitive administrative solution with Ubindi, easing you of tasks like collecting payments, managing clients, organizing groups, sending mass emails, running a student referral program, and all the essentials of running an online class.

Get your own personal teaching assistant that doesn’t talk back.

Cover more lessons. Sign up to Ubindi today.


Show off your photos using a no-code digital portfolio builder

(Now only USD 69 from USD 120)

Do you have a professional website? If not, it’s just as real as your fake Instagram account. Finding a reliable web host that can accommodate your business photos can feel like a pipe dream. There’s a platform that lets you upload unlimited photo albums so you can display your professional digital gallery at ease. Say hello to SlickPic – a website builder that helps artists create digital portfolios and photo-sharing galleries, all without any coding.  SlickPic lets you create a digital gallery of unlimited photo albums for all your photography projects, build a stunning, mobile-ready website using a variety of pre-designed themes, or create your own from scratch, share your work via email, messenger, or social media securely with customizable privacy settings, and a whole lot more. 

Create a professional digital portfolio that showcases all your photos, so you can share your work across the web. 

Build your digital portfolio in a flash. Get SlickPic today.


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