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Find influencers, create campaigns, and boost awareness in one easy-to-use platform.
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Create influencer marketing campaigns that meet your specific goals and manage the entire process–from messaging to payment–in one easy-to-use platform with Intellifuence. This affordable, end-to-end influencer marketing platform helps you create campaigns, select influencers, send outreach and manage payments. Intellifluence lets you invite qualified influencers to apply to your campaigns and pitch possible candidates to find the right fit, edit or duplicate campaigns to save you time, filter influencers based on their specialty, number of followers, location, and much more.
Start creating an effective influencer marketing campaign without breaking the bank!
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ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Bundle 
Professionally prepared contract templates that protect and cover a variety of businesses.
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Secure professionally generated contract templates that protect your billable hours and business assets with ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Bundle. With its wide-array and fully customizable templates creating, building, and editing your contracts has never been this easy and on-point. ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Bundle lets you get access to 100+ high-quality, ready-to-sign contracts, and agreements for all kinds of work. You also need not worry about legal fees with this amazing tool! Yes. From Work for Hire Agreements, NDA templates, Employment Contracts, Freelance Contract templates, and more – all these covered.
Protect your rights, save time, and save funds with this incredible tool.
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Brizy Design Kit
UI design in way less time with stunning premade site blocks and content. 
(Now FREE)

Access over 250 premade site blocks to fast-track web design in Sketch, Invision Studio, and Figma with Brizy Design Kit. With its easy-to-use, systemized, and customizable feature designing a website has never been this breezy! Brizy Design Kit lets you access a collection of 250+ site block designs and stock content for Sketch, Studio, and Figma. You can also quickly change typography styles and color schemes to match the site to your vision, customize typography and color schemes, use all the kit assets, including images and vector icons, and more. Oh! You also need not to worry about licensing and royalties. Yes. All of these for FREE!
Start designing websites that will save you tons of time and money.
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Nimbus Secure
Secure data transfer platform that simplifies your day.
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Securely send data from business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) with Nimbus Secure. With this innovative, simple data transfer platform, securing your data transfer has never been this stress-free. Nimbus Secure lets you effortlessly share sensitive data in many, but all easy ways – simply logging in to your dashboard, select recipient and hit send or copy and paste the file into your recipients outbox folder, or Use our fully documented, easy to use API, or Send right from your Microsoft Word toolbar. You also doesn’t need to worry if your recipient don’t have the same tool, you just need to install the Nimbus Superlite client, and you’re good!
Conveniently secure your data transfer now. 
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WhatsApp Marketing Message Templates 
Boost your lead engagement rates.
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Drastically increase your open, click and reply rates, save a vast amount of time and money with WhatsApp Marketing Message Templates. With its copy-and-paste format, your WhatsApp Marketing plan has never been this swift and uncomplicated to execute. WhatsApp Marketing Message Templates lets you access over 100 WhatsApp Marketing message templates to get leads engaged and replying, converting them into customers. This template includes over 100 templates for over 12 different industries, from e-commerce to F&B to healthcare. There are also 12 different use cases ranging from abandoned cart recovery to product upsells to customer support, and more.

Start planning and implementing your WhatsApp marketing today.

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490 Handmade Icons Pack
Unique, handmade, licensed icons for your designs. 
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Create a website, mobile app, web application, or wireframe creations, with unique, handmade, licensed icons with 490 Handmade Icons Pack. This Awesome Icons Bundle is loaded with 490 unique and handmade icons that you will fall in love with. Icons may not be the firsts to be recognized among the designs in any posters, banners, or pages. But you know it takes time to design these essential symbols. Fortunately, you can now save lots of time with 490 Handmade Icons Pack. This incredibly priced solution lets you find icons—from business icons to hipster signs in this massive icon pack bundle. Not only that, but all the icons also come with a commercial license allowing you to use them for multiple personal and commercial projects.
Get access to icons that are perfect for your project.
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