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Yes. The season to make yourself and others smile has come. Others may have already been enjoying their Christmas breaks from work. But let’s not forget that it is also one perfect opportunity to get the best products you can use for your growing business or a chance to learn or acquire knowledge on how you can grow your business further. Don’t know where and when to start? Don’t worry. We got you.
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How to Launch a Book Course
Uncover all the tips and info you need to have a successful book launch. 
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Identify your book goals, positioning, and audience with Scribe co-founder, Zach Obront through How to Launch a Book Course.  With its easy-to-understand templates and multi-faceted course, learning how to get book reviews, plus uncovering the details of media coverage and paid promotion has never been this straightforward. How to Launch a Book Course will guide you through the five pillars of a successful book launch modules for each pillar to make sure you’ve got a handle on all of them before moving on – all these plus more for FREE! 
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Antler Launch Academy 
Get the resources you need to go from idea to startup on one open-access platform.
(Now FREE from USD 299)

Learn the fundamentals of building an early-stage startup by watching on-demand masterclasses taught by founders and investors at Antler Launch Academy. With its amazing community for feedback and support, bringing your idea to life following Antler’s step-by-step guide, plus access activities, frameworks, and recommended tools will now be less demanding. Antler Launch Academy is best for future founders and entrepreneurs in the early stages who want to build a strong foundation as it gives you the confidence to turn your idea into a startup – all these and a lot more for FREE.
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Starting From Zero
Learn how to turn your side hustle into a fully booked freelance business.
(Now FREE from USD 199)

Get practical tips on how to prototype your service with no client history with Starting From Zero. This another course from Data Driven, will help you discover the financial formula that will show you when to make the big moves. Starting From Zero lets you learn how to land the type of clients that will support your business in the long term. This remarkable course will show practical tips on prototyping your service before you get started. As well as learn tricks for scaling word-of-mouth growth for your business – all these and more for FREE!
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SquadPal – the team App
The app for the social life of your remote team.
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Get to know your team better, organize fun activities and have fun with your team with SquadPal – the team App. With its easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate feature staying connected, having fun, and sharing personal moments with your team has never been this awesome. SquadPal – the team App lets you not only do fun activities, contests, or team engagement and events it also has an internal chat function that you and your teammates can use to communicate. Amazing, right?
Start knowing your team more. Be rewarded for having fun.
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HWelementor Templates
Elementor block templates help you to build your site faster.
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Build your site faster while saving tons of your precious time and money with HWelementor Templates. With its easy-to-customize, beautiful Elementor block templates (readily available for use), building your site has never been this fast and easy. HWelementor Templates lets you import all of this with the Elementor template import option, get started in a certain specialty, or as a jumping-off point. It has a wide array of ready-to-style Elementor block templates to enable you quickly design a custom site, plus a lot more.
Start making unique, beautiful layouts today.
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Best Notion Social Media Planner
Easily streamline and track your Social Media Posts.
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Manage many aspects of your Social Media posts (from designs, videos, hashtags, captions, tags, locations, links, to excerpts) with Best Notion Social Media Planner. With its built-in tools, streamlining and collaborating to create social media posts has never been this stress-free. Best Notion Social Media Planner lets you not waste or forget your bright ideas anymore. It has a page where you can write your ideas as soon as you get them, a page where you can keep all your images, videos, hashtags, captions, excerpts, notes, research material, and many other sections. Not only that, but it lets you keep track of your deadlines, analytics, and who’s working on what posts. So much for $3!
Streamline, manage, and track your posts today.
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