The Next Big Thing in Data & Analytics

Nowadays, data is needed to properly scale your business. Data analysis is a core process in and amongst modern businesses. Without it, you’ll be swimming in a dark pool with a blindfold on. Finding and choosing the right data analytics tools is then vital. Consider your organization’s needs and primary actors in choosing the right tools. To help you find the right data and analytics tools for your needs, we listed some here. The bonus is, you can get them on a deal on AppSumo.


Data is king and your tools is the hand.


Up-to-date and up-to-the-minute data monitoring

(Now only USD 29 from USD 45)

Live life while tracking your data with Radar. This tool is a tiny desktop application that summarizes all the metrics you wish to track one nifty window. Bringing data into Radar is as easy as filling out a form and pressing a button then choose among the growing list of one-click installers. Viola, you’ll get up-to-date data as Radar updates in the background, and get notifications for any significant changes. To cap all of the features, you can rest easy as your data is safe with Radar’s direct connection to the APIs. 

Monitor data all in one window.

Miss no updates. Get Radar now.


One-stop-shop data handling

(Now only USD 59 from USD 1,176)

Collect marketing data and present it all in one software with Sparrow. This tool manages your data all in one place—all your up-to-date analytics in one place where you can sync directly to Google Sheets, Slides and more. Sparrow‘s reporting solution saves marketers valuable time sharing campaign results with clients. Marketers use the online tool to automatically input marketing data into custom PowerPoint templates, create dynamic web presentations, and easily track client marketing performance.

From monitoring to presentation, all in one platform.

Organized data analytics, anywhere. Try Sparrow today.


Gain valuable customer insights on a simple survey platform

(Now only USD 59 from USD 588)

Client feedback is the compass that leads you into performing better in your business. Create and send insightful surveys and actionable feedbacks with SurveySensum—create NPS, CES and CSAT, Pulse Survey, Product Survey or build your survey from scratch. Distribute your perfectly customized survey through numerous channels without any hassle and extract data from thousands of responses all within SurveySensum. Its coolest feature? You can get an alert for negative feedback so your CRMs can close back the loop in a timely fashion. 

Get actionable data and make your clients feel heard every single time.

Insightful surveys, get them now at SurveySensum.


Get more from your database for less with code-free data query 

(Now only USD 59 from USD 348)

Simplify your business analytics with Draxlr. This tool is a data analytics tool that helps you deep-dive into SQL data insights as you scale—all without coding. Draxlr is a business intelligence platform that gives you all the tools you could need to get meaningful insights from your data. Filter, sort, join and then summarize your data with Draxlr’s SQL query builder. Easily visualize your data with bar, pie and trend line charts, compare and contrast metrics with each other in whatever combinations with multiple dashboards, monitor however frequently you want with multiple monitoring options and get notifications for changes made after monitoring schedules. Draxlr lets you embed these to your websites for easier team viewing. 

Always be on top of actionable data.

Understand data that powers your business. Get Draxlr today.

Reoon YellowPages Scraper

Scrape and extract thousands of business leads (email, phone, social media contacts, etc.) from the Yellow Pages of different countries.

(Now only USD 85 from USD 540)

Simplest and surest way to get B2B leads with Reoon YellowPages ScraperThis tool scours and extracts leads from 36,000+ different locations on yellow pages. With Reoon YellowPages Scraper you can find leads by just searching your niche or your keyword. Get necessary data that you can you do drive up a sale with Reoon YellowPages Scraper.

Simple, powerful and affordable lead generation.

Fill up your leads list. Avail Reoon YellowPages Scraper today.


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