The Rising Stars of Digital Business Tools—Low-key but Still Mighty Tools

Your day is probably ruled by business tools, from Microsoft Office to more specialized ones like HubSpot. With all these working for you, you might miss on the rising stars of the business digital tools world. These tools are just as helpful and efficient, if not more, but can be of half the cost.

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Impress your competition with an impressive array of tools they probably didn’t even know existed.

Boost Unlimited Special

Collect unlimited number of leads without worrying about monthly contact limit

(Save as much as USD 1,119)

Unlimited leads and clients?

Sounds like a dream come true?

That’s right. It’s true.

With Boost Unlimited, you can now collect unlimited number of leads without worrying about monthly contact limit!

Boost lets you create a seamless opt-in experience to boost conversion rates, share opt-in links anywhere online and offline too, and so much more.

And if you wish to earn more passive income, you can resell your white-labeled social opt-in service to unlimited number of clients. 

Imagine having your own unique lead generation software product without spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring developers. And be profitable with just 1-2 clients!

Get Boost Unlimited or Boost Agency Reseller Unlimited today, before time runs out!


Dedicated servers for your hosting needs

(Now only USD 9.98 from USD 68)

In need of a quick server that can move a lot of data at a constant up speed? RackNerd is the one for you. RackNerd is a web hosting provider led by industry experts with decades of experience in managed services, datacenter operations, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Deploy your hosting account in LA, Miami, Frankfurt, Strasbourg or Singapore, securely and safely with RackNerd. Get utmost performance as RackNerd is optimized with LiteSpeed and LSCache –perfect for hosting your WordPress or e-commerce apps. 

Racks full of servers for nerds made by RackNerds.

Infrastructure stability, yours for a quarter of the price. Deploy RackNerd today.


Follow the lead of big brands for smooth email marketing

(Now only USD 39 from USD 82)

Do you wish to beef up your marketing campaigns? Do so with SimilarMail. This tool helps you gain valuable and actionable insights and knowledge from your industry leaders’ email marketing campaigns you can adapt for your own campaign.  SimilarMail gets you insights and lets you track statistics and explore a collection email designs from leading brands. Know what to include in your email campaign, when to send and other important metrics that make the email campaigns of big brands work. As well as be aware of technologies used by top players. 

All you need to know for a successful email campaign.

Emails that gain leads. Subscribe to SimilarMail now.

Cutting edge technology for Facebook engagement

(Now only USD 49 from USD 4,188)

Wishing a staff can man your Facebook engagements 24/7? Make that wish a reality with, the world’s very first complete marketing software for Facebook developed using its official APIs. With, you get a messenger chatbot, live chat with your subscribers, automatically reply to comments based on keywords and schedule posting on your social media. Simply connect your Facebook account, then you can easily set up message templates that will match your brand’s tone, no one will suspect it’s run by 

Run successful campaigns right into your Facebook Messenger.

Maximize Facebook Messenger opportunities. Start employing today.


Digitalize your work process to create a productive environment

(Now only USD 49 from USD 1,200)

Get every department to work in alignment to your goals with ConnectoHub, the simplest AI-based unified OKR and workflow management platform. This tool lets your entire organization work more efficiently by sharing vital information all the way down the chain. ConnectoHub connects your entire organization towards the goal and gives individuals insights as to key performance indicators. With ConectoHub digitalize your work process, find your organization’s bottleneck and efficient stages and create more productive environment. Manage your work, team and their performance while working from the office or home.

Let your company move as one.

Bridging strategy and execution. Sign up to ConnectoHub.

Content Tap

Full years-worth of content, as easy as filling in the blanks

(Now only USD 49 from USD 146)

Continuous content creation often hits a dead end when the ideas run out. Solve that with Content Tap. This tool provides you with a years-worth of content ideas balanced between you own content and curated content, complete with examples, prompters and ready-made posts. With Content Tap, you get a 365 days social media content calendar and 226 Canva Post Templates ensuring that you build a strong and consistent social media presence. Tick off content creating from your daily to-do list with Content Tap.

Never rush to meet a holiday posting ever again.

Join Content Tap today.


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