Tools That Will Separate Your WordPress Site From Others.

With around 60,000 available plugins and tools, finding the best plugins and tools for WordPress is a difficult task.  This crucial step in creating your business website can either help boost your sales or drain your money. Here are some tools that will be guaranteed to do the former, and help you become a WordPress empire.

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Software to add to elevate your WordPress.

DarkLup – WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

Accessible easy to read sites in dark mode

(Now only USD 39 from USD 49)

There are definite advantages to screens in dark mode, which explains how nearly every site or OS now provides the option to toggle it on and off. Easily do the same on your site with DarkLupThis tool lets your WordPress site have a dark mode for the backend and front end, each easily accessible to toggle on and off with a nifty sidebar. DarkLup can simply adapt the mode you’ve set up for your OS, you can also toggle it off and on with the color scheme you wish to use, or you can set up time-based automatic adjustments. Do all these without worrying about image support or WooCommerce integrations.

Blog comfortably easy.

Dark mode for you and for your site visitors. Purchase DarkLup today.

Stacks – Plus exclusive

Create an app, no coding required

(Now only USD 36 from USD 1,500)

Applications made without coding knowledge with Stacks. This tool is the smoothest and easiest way to create your own native app without a single line of code. Simply choose the design you want from many templates or create your own app design from scratch and Stacks will take care of integration, app generation, and publication. No need to release multiple times, with Stacks, you don’t need to release a new version and ask your customers each time you edit the app design—changes will be auto-synced with the live mobile application. Best of all, you can use the Stacks builder anytime, anywhere.

All it takes is one click to generate an app and upload it to the App & Play stores.

Get your app now. Join a thriving community of Stacks Team.

WP 301 Redirects

Improve SEO and customer experience by finding broken links, site redirects, and 404 errors

(Now only USD 49 from USD 158)

There’s nothing more off-putting than visiting a site with lots of bad links, this costs a lot of owners loss of traffic, users, and ultimately conversions. Instead of trying to make 404 pages cute WP 301 Redirects simply chose to bring your visitors to the page they really wish to see, instantly boosting meaningful traffic. WP 301 Redirects scans your outgoing links to determine if any of it is broken or would lead to malicious sites. It blacklists bad bots too and gives you in-depth information to know what’s going on on your WordPress site without too much fuss. All these wrapped up in a bow with additional friendly and helpful tech support. 

Fix common site issues easily.

Give your visitors what they really need to see. Purchase WP 301 Redirects today.


Convert your site to an app in just four easy steps

(Now only USD 99 from USD 999)

With over 80% of the world’s consumers now on mobile, it only makes sense to shift from a web-based site to an app. Now, developing your site into an app requires a lot of time and of course coding. Skip both with Twinr—a tool that converts your website to an application while giving you free rein to customize it however you want to. With Twinr, have an app in four easy steps—enter basic details, customize the app, preview, and then publish. No coding involved. You can choose to build your own app, leave Twinr to do its magic for you, or get it developed from scratch.

No-code app development with this amazing product.

Start creating your own app today. Buy Twinr now.

Form Engineer Platinum

Complex conditional forms made without code

(Now only USD 69 from USD 3,600)

Build beautiful forms with HTML fields –introducing Form Engineer Platinum. This tool creates modern forms from templates and drag-and-drop fields, quickly. With Form Engineer Platinum, you are the form engineer, you can make responsive, shareable, and complex conditional form fields all in one intuitive software. Engineer forms that will work for your business complete with analytics and insights then easily integrate them into your current system. 

Build forms that work.

Stress-free form engineering, use Form Engineer Platinum today.


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