Tools To Save You from Major Breaches

“Have you heard of the latest software hack or data breach?” This line has become a recurrent cast member in our water cooler conversations. Since the world’s technology primarily runs on software, this shouldn’t be surprising. However it can be concerning, seeing as the world is still a long way to go in the mission to make secure design and implementation to go hand in hand with the process of software creation. 

Thankfully, there are new tools that can inch us an inch closer to that goal. Here are some standout tools in the charge to make software more secure.


Proverbial bolt to your digital door.

Control D

Bypass geo-restrictions, create parental controls, increase productivity, and more

(Now only USD 30 from USD 40)

In this house, the only cookies we want are the ones with chocolate. Keep those pesky trackers at bay with Control D.This tool prevents ads and trackers from loading in the first place. That’s just Control D’s main feature, it can also bypass geo-restrictions, improve productivity and create parental controls. Control D is a fully customizable DNS service, similar to Pi-Hole, AdGuard or NextDNS, but with proxy capabilities. This means it not only blocks things (ads, porn, etc), but can also unblock websites and services.

Take back your internet.

Get started with Control D and take back control.

BackupGuard WordPress Plugin

Back up, restore, and migrate your WordPress website for optimal safety without the fuss

(Now only USD 39 from USD 99)

You buy into moving insurance when you move houses, same goes for your site. Maintaining your site with backup is your best bet in ensuring that your data will not be lost during an inevitable server crash—automate this with BackupGuard. Out of sight, out of mind right? You’ll regret not backing up when the server crashes on you. Worry less with BackupGuard—a WordPress Plugin that easily backs up, restores, and migrate your WordPress site, files and databases. This tool does the backing up for you, automatically. Then when the other shoe drops and a server crash does happen, you can easily restore and migrate your site as if the crash never did happen. With BackupGuard, you can also make sure you’ll never fall victim to crashes again with firewall defenses and maintenance scans.

Have faith your files is well guarded.

Guard is up. Download BackupGuard WordPress Plugin today.


Start up data room in seconds

(Now only USD 49 from USD 1,188)

Pitching is essential in procuring funding for your startup. However, it can carry big risks for business as some investors tend to not sign NDAs, so you need to make sure your confidential intellectual property is covered. Pitchroom is a secure branded data room with file, document, video support that can be set up in minutes. This tool is founded to secure investor materials that were being shared with potential investors. Pitchroom features confidential sharing, insights and analytics, branded data room, interactive presentation, instant notification and dynamic watermarking, each ensuring that you can present your idea without it being stolen.  Pitchroom combines a personalized data room with easy file sharing, copyright protection, a presentation platform and an email marketing service.

Hit a home run.

Your business idea, securely presented. Get Pitchroom now!

Your shield from digital eavesdroppers. 

(Now only USD 49.99 from USD 675)

Protect your company from being the latest victim of data breach with This tool locks your confidential information into a secure one-time link that you can see when opened. Keep your secret files off email chains with Best of all, values your privacy and does not track you—at all.

Securely send and receive sensitive information.

Secrets stay completely hidden. Get started with today.

Paced Email

Create boundaries even in your inbox

(Now only USD 59 from USD 240)

Don’t let constant email notifications pull focus from more important work. Take control of your emails instead with PacedEmail. This tool bundles up email notifications so you can decide when to get them and how, either by day, week or month. PacedEmail can also be used to generate one-click temporary burner emails too. Create burner email addresses right from your browser, so hackers don’t have access to emails connected to your bank. Reduce trackers with PacedEmail’s iron-clad shield.

Say toodle-oo to constant email pings.

For your peace of mind, add PacedEmail to your cart now.


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