Tools to Unlock your Creative Genius

With the onslaught of ever-innovative tools for design, no longer are tools strictly limited to PC or Mac. However, with the growing dizzying array, it can also be difficult to pick the best ones out there. Here are some of the most worth taking note of listed conveniently, just for you.


Design tools with so much potential to help you grow.


Put your products into the spotlight

(Now only USD 39 from USD 599)

Save time and money removing backgrounds with Clickmajic. This tool is a smart fully automatic app that removes the busy background from pictures helping you to sell more. Clickmajic lets you sell better, pulling more focus onto your products with clear background. Plus, get even more creative with the background—white, transparent, color, or custom background. 

All focus on your product with Clickmajic.

Quiet background noise. Do it quickly and automatically with Clickmajic.


Create beautiful websites and landing pages with customizable templates

(Now only USD 39 from USD 264)

Get unlimited access to carefully curated fonts, graphics, templates, themes, mobile app designs, and UI kits with EpicPxls. With these fancy new things, you get the beautiful website of your dreams.  With EpicPxls’sextensive gallery, you need not create everything from scratch letting you ship projects faster. The EpicPxls team curates all the designs in the marketplace to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible. The EpicPxlsgallery is updated daily so you can surely find your ideas within searches.

Professional-quality sites without breaking the budget. 

Nothing new is under the sun, find elements you need in EpicPxls.


The first platform to generate reusable code from your design components.

(Now only USD 44 from USD 648)

Sick of designing differently for different platforms? None of that with Overlay, a plugin to transform your Figma components and Sketch Symbols into clean and reusable React, Vue or HTML code. Overlaygenerates complex components in just a few clicks—readable class names, all syncable design tokens, multi-export and variants, and responsive content. Nothing but high-quality code from Overlay, simply copy and paste the generated code regardless of platform. 

Reusable code from your design components.

Design made easy. Go to the Overlay app now.

AMZ Image

Save time and earn more in embedding images

(Now only USD 69 from USD 500)

Monetize Amazon images in WordPress with AMZ Image. This tool is the fastest way to insert and make money from Amazon images in WordPress. Choose from any product photo available in Amazon. Earn more commission even with international traffic, with AMZ Image all product images you need are just a click and a search away. Do all these without the risk of getting banned—AMZ Image is fully compliant with Amazon rules. 

Insert images in less than three minutes.

Start inserting Amazon images with AMZ Image today.


Create apps the way you edit photos—right from a template

(Now only USD 99 from USD 3,600)

Create the app of your dreams with MobAppCreatorThis tool is an online service that provides the tools to create native mobile apps—simply. To start the process, mix MobAppCreator modules to build and customize the application you want. Share and publish your app on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Then use MobApp’s marketing tools to distribute and promote your app and measure the use impact and usage with detailed statistics.

Launch apps with absolutely zero coding knowledge.

Build and manage stunning mobile apps with MobAppCreator.  


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