Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Grow your Business

During the pandemic, companies all over the world are forced into altering how they run their business to conform to the ever-changing health standards. Possibly the only way companies made it through this new normal is their ability to pivot and change course usually with the help of technologies that fill in human deficiencies. 

Nowadays, AI in society is pretty normal in the age of Alexas and Siris, the trajectory of technology is for machines to learn and be more human-like— the same can be said with businesses. Although machines cannot still replicate the decision-making of a human, at least the most mundane and repetitive tasks can be done by cutting-edge machine learning technologies which can be seen in the products we will feature in this list.

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Companies can use cutting-edge technology to leverage their businesses.  

Melodie Music – Single Plan

Find the soundtrack for all the stories you wish to tell

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Finding the perfect music for your content can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive. With Melodie Music, you get access to over 18,000 tracks, stems and alternative versions from award-winning composers and independent artists. These are tracks you’ve probably heard from National Geographic, Fox Sports, The Amazing Race and Ninja Warrior. Find the perfect audio for each mood, genre, purpose, BPM and key with Melodie Music’s intuitive AI-powered interface including a reverse-audio search, find similar functions and hotkeys. Avoid dreaded copyright strikes, muting, takedowns and demonization across all platforms with Melodie Music.

Find the best music for each story you want to tell.

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Build better products with customer feedback and a product roadmap tool

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Still desperately trying to make sense of customer feedback? Make it easier with Leanbe. This tool is an all-in-one platform that helps you collect user feedback, make a data-driven product roadmap, and announce product updates. Prioritize what to build next, based on your user’s exact needs. With Leanbe, get comprehensively analyzed feedback and requests, generate your data-driven roadmap, and share exciting news with users. 

Turn your clients into decision-makers.

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Intuitive booking and admin solution for instructors

(Now only USD 69 from USD 960)

Sharing your passion and knowledge as a job can be a dream which can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare when you start to factor in tasks like managing bookings, charging, and marketing. Spare yourself from the hassle with Ubindi, a powerful admin solution for independent instructors and small schools and studios. Be it yoga, fitness, music, cooking, languages, and arts and crafts… Ubindi can take care of your administrative tasks to help you focus on adding value to your lessons. Get a simple and intuitive administrative solution with Ubindi, easing you of tasks like collecting payments, managing clients, organizing groups, sending mass emails, running a student referral program, and all the essentials of running an online class.

Get is your own personal teaching assistant that doesn’t talk back.

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Forget missed opportunities, find risks and fix it

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Stop wondering where the gap in your sales funnels lies with Droptrim. This tool lets you convert site visitors by mapping exactly where you lose the attention of your audience. When you take the guesswork out of pressure points in your site, it’s easier to come up with effective action points. With Droptrim, detect high risk users before it’s too late, find companies who visit your website, track visitor behavior, block threats automatically, identify errors on your website, and collect feedback from your visitors.

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Get summaries on the best business and personal development books

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Continuous education is the secret to staying relevant. However, who really has the time to read all those books right? Problem solved with This tool is a library of the world’s best leadership and personal development books summarized in 12 minutes or less. Digest books for your betterment through audio, visual or text formats. You can also see a short-form video about these books on’s website. 

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