Web Development Tools Devs Actually Use

Web development has come a long way since the dawn of the internet. Actually, thanks to the versatility of cloud computing, we often don’t even need a powerful computer at all. But as the digital world evolves, so does the role of a web developer. You are expected to know your way around UI and UX design, prototyping, wire-framing, SEO and much more. This means a whole lot of work, which can also mean having the right tool fit for each role and each project. However who has the time to beta test a bunch of tools that might not even work, right? Here, we’ve curated a list of development tools that works and can be a permanent feature on your web development toolkit.

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Boost conversion with a no-co marketing toolkit

(Now only USD 25 from USD 149)

Offers, pop-ups, latest conversions, widgets, FOMO, and social proof that keeps and engages your website visitors—all these combined seem like too big of an ask for a marketing tool but it is no trouble for Benifit. Boost conversions by over 300% just by adding one line of code. Create anything that will push you towards your sales and marketing goals with Benifit’s widgets, from information bar, cookie notification, discount coupon, live counter, email collector, latest conversion nudges, conversion counter, videos, social share, customer reviews, emoji feedback, to engagement links. Simply choose from Benifit’s more than 24 types of notifications that will fit your needs. Do all these without coding. 

Pop-up notification your way to a 300% conversion boost.

Easy to use marketing tool kit. Download Benifit now.


Landing pages are the client’s first look into your business—why not make it beautiful

(Now only USD 39 from USD 139)

What if landing pages do all the talking for you? Do exactly that with Way—a landing page wizard that is founded by industry experts. Create custom landing pages without code—simply drag and drop elements for your needs or choose from Way’s template library. This tool makes elements and sections responsive to any device. Way takes less than 30 seconds to publish your shiny new effective landing page. Plus, Way gives you your leads with just one click. 

Create a good first impression each and every time. 

Ready to get started on Way? Sign up.


As if posting feedback in a post-it note

(Now only USD 49 from USD 399)

Imagine developing a site where you can just simply change something instead of relaying the comment to your developer and waiting around to have it changed. No need for imagination with Pagetuner. This tool is a chrome extension that helps you collect feedback and boosts your team’s productivity by embedding comments and changes directly on-site—it’s as easy as editing your Facebook profile. To use Pagetuner, simply click the extension icon on any website, select an element and enter your changes, then save, share and collaborate, these changes will be highlighted on the website to be seen by added collaborators. Easily identify issues as Pagetuner creates a useful screenshot of any changes. Make changes in the office or on the go, this tool adapts to any environment easily. When you’re satisfied with the product, simply export it in either .pdf or .xls format and share your work with anyone.

Your much-needed productivity boost.

Post feedback intuitively. Post feedback with Pagetuner.

Form Engineer Platinum

Complex conditional forms made without code

(Now only USD 69 from USD 3,600)

Build beautiful forms with HTML fields –introducing Form Engineer. This tool creates modern forms from templates and drag-and-drop fields, quickly. With Form Engineer, you are the form engineer, you can make responsive, shareable, and complex conditional form fields all in one intuitive software. Engineer forms that will work for your business complete with analytics and insights then easily integrate them into your current system. 

Build forms that work.

Stress-free form engineering, use Form Engineer today.


Manage your website’s privacy needs using an all-in-one solution

(Now only USD 79 from USD 297)

All your privacy needs without sacrificing time, money, or site functionality. TRUENDO is a website privacy solution that covers all your website’s GDPR and CCPA compliance needs while collecting data from your visitors. This tool simply automates your compliance so you don’t have to worry about it. All the complicated privacy legal terms are made clearer with the built-in, auto-generated policies accessible directly from the privacy widget. TRUENDO displays your privacy banner in 31 languages and can be customized so your necessary banner stays on brand. Thanks to the auto-blocking function, you’ll be able to stop all third-party cookies, services, scripts, or pixels from executing on your site until consent is given. With TRUENDO, you’ll be able to collect valuable information about your website visitors, like location, devices, and languages, all while staying totally compliant.

Safe and legal data collection.

Collect insights safely. Run it by TRUENDO now.


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