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With so many new things happening in the world today (like the Heard-Depp trail), keeping up with new products may not be a priority. Lucky for you, AppSumo has its antennae up and are always searching for new tools to help businesses, and always at such good deals. If you are on the lookout for new products to improve your work. Read on.


Find tools before they become mainstream and have that as your badge of honor.


Comprehensive dev and communication tools to build and vet web apps

(Now only USD 59 from USD 102)

Develop, test, and collaborate with Blisk—a browser that helps you build and test web applications with customizable, multi-function dev tools to streamline your workflow. This tool lets you develop and test sites, emails, and apps for mobile and desktop simultaneously. Blisk is with you through the prototyping, designing, and development phases of your site.  Test for any situation—UI testing, cross-device testing, functional testing, performance testing, usability testing, and SEO check, right into Blisk. Collaborate securely with Blisk’s screenshotting, video capturing, bug reporting, and customer demo features. With features that are made specifically for developers, Blisk delivers better products—faster. 

A browser specifically made for web development and web developers.

Change up your development workspace. Register to Blisk today.


SEO-friendly content ideas in minutes.

(Now only USD 69 from USD 864)

Quality content creation starts with developing innovative content ideas regularly, this can mean research, keyword digging, brainstorming, and finally the ability to make sense of all the mix of ideas together. Find a place to organize your thoughts to get quick and easy content maps in ContextMinds. This tool provides you with a constant stream of related topics, keywords, and web results as if you have an idea machine all on your own. ContextMinds is as simple as they come—a whiteboard where you can place your ideas and notes, and organize them into mind maps, boards, or outlines. Below your whiteboard, you get a list of related topics and keywords that updates according to the stuff you add—effectively mapping out your content continuously. On top of these, with ContextMinds you do not even have to leave the app to search the web—get top web results on any item on your board. 

Get years’ worth of content in seconds.

Taking the hassle out of content development. Start your map with ContextMinds.


Sure fired way to get to Google’s first page

(Now only USD 59 from USD 750)

It’s about time you invest in content. Start with NEURONwriter. This tool helps you optimize content with user intent in mind based on semantic models, Google SERP analysis, and competition data. With NEURONwriteryou start with understanding user intent and the type of content needed, choose your direct competitors with a similar type of content, plan document structure based on useful information, then you get optimized and enriched content with semantical SEO and a Google ranked site in the process. NEURONwriter will help you research articles related to your niche and get the content you need with easy-to-follow recommendations. With these out of the way, you are free to publish and rake in the rewards of NEURONwriter –better site traffic.

There is a rhyme and reason to SEO ranking and it’s time you understand it. 

Easy way to create ranking content. Use NEURONwriter.

Markopolo ai

Automate search and social media ad campaigns with one AI-powered platform

(Now only USD 59 from USD 348)

Churn out winning content, manage schedule, and track ad performance with Markopolo ai. This tool uses AI to generate social copy, identify target audiences, schedule cross-platform social media, and search ad campaigns. Markopolo ai effectively simplifies paid marketing for your business by finding the perfect audience and suggesting better content based on what works and what does not. Markopolo ai is built on over three billion audience data and it has over twenty AI models to help it find the right audience for you contextually. It will then generate sales copies and suggest high performing content for you. Finally, you just have to schedule your paid ads and run successful campaigns. After that process, simply sit back and watch your engagement, reach, and conversion rise.

Increase your online sales with the world’s smartest marketer. 

Let Markopolo ai take care of your paid ads today.

Spott Commercial License

Boost conversion with interactive content

(Now only USD 99 from USD 3,600)

Longer engagement is the surest way to conversion, the best way to get this is to have interactive content. Do it easily with Spott. This tool allows you to create interactive content with images, catalogs, videos, and ads. By inviting visitors to interact with your content, you improve their site visits which then will lead to longer session times, more returning traffic, lower bounce rates, and boosted lead generation. Simply upload your content to Spott, customize interactive layers to highlight your unique selling points, and then publish.

Interactive content all made without coding.

Capture that buyer’s attention for a longer time. Start creating content with Spott.


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