What’s the Latest? | How to Effectively Manage Your Time and Get More Things Done

The idea is key to starting a business, but it isn’t everything. A great idea can only go so far if you don’t know how to manage your time effectively. You might think that your most important resource is money, but it’s actually time. Time is something you can never get back, which is why you need the best team and the best tools to help you spend it wisely.


Use these tools that will make you more efficient.


Transform your links into powerful marketing tools

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Track and optimize every digital initiative using best-in-class analytics with pxl.to – a URL shortener built with server-less technology to help you grow without the looming concern of downtime or click limits. pxl.to lets you create and manage powerful short links at scale, easily track customer journeys from a single, functional dashboard and discover what content resonates with metrics like clicks, geographic data, and top traffic sources. With pxl.to you can build trust with your audience by connecting your domains for secure, branded links, and boost your engagement by customizing the appearance of every link you share.

Track link clicks and engagement, improve click-through, and manage everything from one place

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Your virtual social media superhero

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Before social media can deliver real results for you, you’ve got to give your followers the content they want on every platform they have. But unless you want to spend day and night scheduling posts across all your platforms, you need a simple tool that can do it for you (plus much more). Meet SocialQ+SocialQ+ lets you customize, preview, and schedule posts simultaneously across all major social networks, collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube from the same spot and so much more.

Take your social media scheduling to the next level.

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Send encrypted emails securely from any device over a peer-to-peer network

Send encrypted emails securely over a peer-to-peer network with Telios – a decentralized, encrypted email service that gives you ownership of all your data while keeping sensitive information private. Telios lets you send unlimited end-to-end encrypted emails over a peer-to-peer network from as many devices as you’d like, secure all of your data, set up email aliases to keep unwanted emails out of your main inbox, manage your different aliases and inboxes from the mobile app, and so much more. With Telios, you can send end-to-end encrypted emails over a decentralized peer-to-peer network, plus store data on your devices.

Keep your info safe.

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Sell courses, memberships, and digital products from one comprehensive platform

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Sell courses, memberships, and digital products on one easy-to-use platform with ProductDyno – a content delivery platform that helps you create and sell memberships, video courses, and digital products. With, ProductDyno you can create and sell digital products with jam-packed content like text, audio, video, and downloadable files, choose your digital product from the list of templates, integrate your payment processor and favorite marketing tools, view how all your products perform from the centralized dashboard, add content hosted on other platforms, add custom CSS or third-party widgets, customize your digital products with different themes, colors, fonts, and so much more. With ProductDyno, you can create and sell digital products, bundle products into collections, and integrate your favorite tools for a seamless selling process.

Sell products with confidence.

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Reimagine customer support experiences with live chat and video calls

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Vicodo is the CRM application where remote meets personal, empowering you to capture customers through live chats and video calls. With Vicodo, you can plan customer chats and video calls and send invites via email—or let site visitors book appointments themselves, provide instant chat and video meetings or generate unique links for appointments sent to customers as one-click URLs for accessible meetings, create operator profiles, decide when employees are available, and share workflow progress, set custom operating hours for your business or customer service teams, share documents, images, and videos through the chat software, and view upcoming and planned meetings for workflow oversight and team management. You can even send reminders to meeting attendees via application-based emails or share the link with them directly through your communication method of choice

It’s time to start pushing engagement with your consumer base.

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