What’s the Latest? | It’s All About Adaptability: Get There First With These New Tools

You don’t have a choice. It’s a new era. Customers are demanding it. They want their products, information, and customer service immediately. They want everything now.

In this time of instant gratification and impatience, customers expect their online experiences to be fast and easy. They have very little tolerance for slow websites, long download times for videos, and boring product descriptions. 

If you want to keep up, you need to deliver. 

Our world is changing at a breakneck pace. Businesses need to adapt to the new era. You need to be flexible and able to handle change as quickly as possible. Luckily, technology has given businesses the tools they need to do more with less. It’s made it easier for them to save time and work smarter – businesses can save time, work smarter and more efficiently, and get more things done in less time.


It’s a world of time-savers. Businesses need ways to be more efficient.


All-in-one browser extension for web development

(Now only USD 49 from USD 90)

Hoverify brings a bunch of tools useful for website developers in one package. This not only helps you remove all the clutter from the various extensions added to the browser but also helps you lower the expenses from various paid extensions. Hoverify lets you inspect CSS and HTML just by hovering over the element, live edit CSS and HTML, export code to Codepen and more. It also allows you to pick colors from anywhere on the page, even images and IFrames, extract images, SVGs, videos, and Lottie animations from the page, clear cache, find meta tags, test hyperlinks, analyze HTML Semantic Elements or run spellcheck in just one click, capture the full page or specific region on the page, and so much more.

Improve and ease your daily development experience.

Overcome daily challenges and become more productive. Get Hoverify today!


Present anything with a teleprompter that scrolls when you speak

(Now only USD 59 from USD 99.99)

Teleprompters are helpful when you need to give a speech, but they tend to slow you down. It is like a pair of glasses that don’t stay at your eye level. A teleprompter that syncs with your voice and works at your pace would be a great innovation in the staging industry. Meet PromptSmart – a personal teleprompter tool that only scrolls when you speak, so every presentation is crystal clear. With PromptSmart you can access patented speech-recognition scrolling, which is designed to help you record content in fewer takes. It lets you invert the text display for physical teleprompter rigs and use duplicate displays for multiple cameras and invert the text display for physical teleprompter rigs in a professional studio. You can also record different segments of your script back-to-back in a single session, combine voice-controlled scrolling with digital remote control and so much more.

Present anything with confidence, using online teleprompters that only scroll when you talk. Present at your own pace. Get PromptSmart today!


Automatically generate a brand guide and design cohesive brand assets

(Now only USD 69 from USD 372)

When you don’t really care about graphics, using complicated tools is a nightmare. But you have to create tons of assets for your business. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one easy-to-use tool for everything? Now there is — you can create content and brand guidelines with one design platform. Say hello to Baseline – a brand design and management platform that helps you generate brand guides and design assets that are always on-brand. Baseline lets you generate a brand guide with colors, logo designs, and typography—plus CSS code for each element, access a growing library of social media templates that already fit your brand like a glove, set up brand guidelines for multiple clients or products, and manage them all from one dashboard, and a whole lot more.

Generate a cohesive brand guide to help your team create assets that always fit the brand.

Create branded content faster than ever. Get Baseline now.


Optimize your SEO strategy for Google with a data-driven platform

(Now only USD 79 from USD 828)

If you want to improve your SEO strategy, start by tracking keywords and monitoring backlinks. If you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, you won’t get any higher in Google SERPs. That’s why you need a platform that can handle every part of your SEO strategy, from on-site optimization to competitor analysis. Introducing Seodity – an SEO platform packed with powerful tools for keyword research, site audits, rank tracking, backlinking, and more. Seodity lets you discover the organic and paid traffic for high-volume keywords on any website, analyze the backlinks from any website and build your own backlinking strategy, monitor your competition with a user-friendly dashboard that tracks their keyword positions and more. You can also get an analysis of technical SEO issues on your site, so you can patch them right up.

Keep tabs on everything you need to boost your SERP ranking—from keyword research to technical site audits and more. 

Optimize your search ranking like a pro. Learn more about Seodity today.

Kimola Cognitive

Analyze and classify consumer reviews with a no-code machine learning tool

(Now only USD 79 from USD 2,388)

Google is the best place for collecting consumer reviews. However, it is a pity that you have to look at numerous sites to get a complete understanding of your brand. It would be great if there was one program that collects all of your data, classifies it, and helps you understand what your consumers think of you. Meet Kimola Cognitive – a no-code machine learning tool that gathers, analyzes, and classifies customer feedback to help you grow your brand. Kimola Cognitive lets you upload your data and instantly generate a report to help you understand your customers’ behaviors, grab and analyze data from any website via its browser extension, automatically classify large datasets with pre-built machine learning models to process hate speech, customer feedback, and more. It also allows you to train your own dataset and create custom machine learning models to tap into specific consumer behaviors.

Gather, analyze, and classify consumer sentiment, code-free. 

Use machine learning to power your research. Get Kimola Cognitive today.


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