What’s the Latest? | The Newest Tools to Grow Your Business

You can make your customers happy. You should be able to satisfy your customers. How do you do it? Recently, the world has become more advanced and digital. It’s easier than ever to get a hold of your customers and satisfy them – it’s easier than ever to connect with your customers and make them happy. Some companies are so revolutionary that they’ve changed the way we do business.

In this new digital world, there are many tools available to make your job easier. But with so many tools, it can be hard to choose just the right one. This post will help you discover which tools will work best for you and how to use them to grow your business.


Oh, look at all these new tools to grow your business.

Rumble Studio

Conduct remote interviews and produce podcasts in a snap

(Now only USD 59 from USD 108)

You have an amazing podcast idea, but bringing it to life is not a simple task. You must schedule guests, prepare the interview, and record the audio—plus all that editing. But what if you could get your audience to help you create your content? Introducing Rumble Studio – an audio recording solution that lets you conduct remote interviews and produce content quickly. Rumble Studio lets you set up asynchronous interviews and collect responses via audio, text, and video, share interviews with guests via invitation link and QR code, or by embedding it on your website, easily review, download, or mix and match segments from different interviews from your dashboard, and so much more.

Collect, record, and edit audio content in a flash, so you can boost engagement and build your audience one episode at a time.

Launch your podcast with just one tool. Get Rumble Studio today!


Audit SEO performance and generate detailed, white-label reports

(Now only USD 69 from USD 228)

You want to help clients rank high in search engines, but it’s hard to deliver quality SEO reports when you’re trying to boost your own ranking. If there was a toolkit that offered white-labeling features you could easily use to make your own SEO reports, life would be more enjoyable and clients would get the help they need. Say hello to SERPWizz – an SEO audit toolkit that tracks performance with white-label reporting features for detailed, shareable audits. SERPWizz lets you instantly perform in-depth website audits to boost your search engine ranking, create white-labeled SEO audit reports for clients with your own branding and company details, embed the SEO audit tool on your website to capture information from new leads, add up to 500 keywords to the rank tracker to get organic rankings for your target keywords, ad a whole lot more.

Offer comprehensive SEO audit reports to your clients, without breaking a sweat.

Add SEO audit reports to your toolkit. Get SERPWizz today.


Build no-code automations between any cloud apps

(Now only USD 69 from USD 192)

Imagine how much easier your business would be if you could automate everything. Yet, setting up those automations is a nightmare. Most automation platforms are complicated because they require coding. What if there was a code-free platform that could support your favorite tools? Do it with Albato – a no-code platform that lets you integrate cloud services and build custom automations to simplify your workflow. Albato lets you connect your favorite tools by searching through its library of over 500 cloud apps, build and customize real-time automations and execute data migrations, all without any coding, add other apps with public APIs to your Albato app library in just a few clicks, embed an end-user version of Albato into any SaaS app and quickly expand your integrations ecosystem, and so much more.


Optimize your SEO content with the power of AI

(Now only USD 69 from USD 342)

If you want more people to find your content, you need to think about keywords. But this is a time-consuming process. What if there was a tool that could do the keyword research for you and write the content? Check out Robinize – an AI-powered SEO tool that helps you research and write SEO-optimized content quickly. Robinize lets you scrape Google for keywords, generate research reports, and get SEO tips to improve your content ranking, access a list of search terms for your content, complete with content grades for each term, write effective SEO outlines with insights into your audience’s search behavior related to certain keywords, measure the quality, length, and readability of your content on a scale of 1–10 and compare it to your competitors, and so much more.

Use the power of AI to streamline your SEO process, giving you rich insights and tips to make more relevant content for search engines.

Up your marketing game in no time. Learn more about Robinize now.


Create videos for outreach campaigns and track interactions at scale

(Now only USD 69 from USD 600)

Your outreach to leads is like trying to get everyone’s attention in Times Square. It’s true that you can boost replies by using video, but all the time spent filming and editing eats up your time. You need a faster way to produce personalized video outreach for every lead in your pipeline. Meet Vumu – a tool that lets you record, edit, and share personalized video messages to scale your outreach and convert more leads. Vumu helps you record, edit, and share personalized video messages for your target audience, craft the perfect video for your leads and customers using Vumu’s built-in video editor, build targeted landing pages to display videos and convert more leads in your funnel, share videos via email, social media, and URL, or embed them on landing pages, and a whole lot more.

Roll out targeted video content and landing pages for every lead in your outreach campaign faster than ever.

Capture more leads with video-based outreach. Check out Vumu now.


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