What’s the Latest? | These are the Tools your Business is Missing Out on

Finding the right combination of tools that will help you perform business processes efficiently is no small feat. It can take months of scouring the internet to even find one that fits your business completely. Let us help you with this nifty list of the freshest and newest products right of the press.


Do not miss out on the latest products the internet has to offer.


Launch your own e-commerce site in minutes

(Now only USD 49 from USD 99.99)

Eager to put your e-commerce business up? Launch your site and app in minutes with Dukaan. This tool is an e-commerce platform that lets you build, manage, and scale your store in seconds and without coding or design skills. Get your store up and running by simply picking your store uploading your inventory, and letting Dukaan do the rest. Auto-generated descriptions, versatile payment gateways, seamless shopping experience, up-scaling options, and a professional-looking store—get all these and more with Dukaan. Plus, accept payments from anywhere in the world with 0% Stripe and Paypal transaction fees with Dukaan.

Launch your e-shop at record-breaking speeds.

Set up shop in minutes. Do it with Dukaan.


Schedule team shifts with a Kanban-style employee scheduling software

(Now only USD 59 from USD 1,200)

“We should talk about this soon”, but when exactly is soon? Wonder no more with Soon. This tool is a collaborative employee scheduling software that helps you track shifts, manage leave requests, and streamline communication. Manage shifts in a comprehensible Kanban board with a nifty comment section on each card giving team members free communication to update availability, request for shifts to be covered, or request leaves all inside Soon—rest easy knowing that vital tasks are always covered. Make schedules easy for your employees with intra-day planning, they can get the breakdown of activities in their schedules and they can receive a Google Calendar notification for new shifts. Soon also makes an HR’s workday breezy by letting you create leave categories and export leave requests, timesheets, and attendance data. Communicate with your team with the built-in messaging feature or self-schedule with the Soon mobile app.

Empowered staff schedules.

Ditch the spreadsheet schedule. Use Soon today.


Fastest and easiest bookkeeping and accounting software

(Now only USD 65)

No expense is left unaccounted for with Cheqbook. This tool is an accounting software specifically engineered to save you time. With more features than any of the competitors, Cheqbook is the best software to have come tax season. Never lose your records with its automated daily backup and lockable books. Send professional invoices and accept payments, manage bills and print checks, and get financial reports including balance sheets and P&L all within CheqbookTrack cash flow on the go with books you can view on your tablet. Cheqbook is serious about getting your accounting right, you can even easily have your accountant go over it. 

Save your business the hassle of accounting.

Accounting sans the chaos. Try Cheqbook.


Sell courses and assessments securely from your branded website or app

(Now only USD 79 from USD 962)

A safe space for you and your students to enjoy classes, without the profit cut. Do it with Learnyst. This tool lets you securely create, market, and sell courses on your website or a branded app—without any additional transaction fees. Creating and selling courses with engaging multimedia content on your site or on a completely branded app while maintaining complete ownership over the course and student data used to be a dream but it is now a reality with LearnystDo all these with complete trust that Learnyst will protect you from online pirates as well as will give you 100% of your course profit with no additional fees when you integrate using your preferred payment gateway.

Teach and get the coin too.

Capitalize on your intellect. Use Learnyst today.


Simple hybrid event management with 100+ features for awesome virtual or onsite events

(Now only USD 99 from USD 3,999)

When you have done all the pre-event preparation right, you’d think events will go off without a hitch. Well, it never does. EventTitans lets you create and manage events from start to finish, with impressive ticketing, video streaming, and in-person check-in features. With EventTitans, guests can purchase tickets, see event details, book hotel rooms, and make sizeable donations from a central streamlined white-label website—keeping them all on the same page. Host engaging events with live Q&As, polls, and trivia challenges, EventTitans makes even the most boring symposium fun through gamification. Impress sponsors with a dedicated page or 3D experience booth, increasing sponsor ROI and retention. With its built-in CRM EventTitans helps you collect attendee, speaker, and sponsor information, helping you analyze behavior and identify new business opportunities. EventTitans’s AI technology even matches your attendees, allowing them to chat and exchange digital business cards creating an even lasting impression on your event participants, all right in the app. Even get real-time event performance insights as well as have participants rate speakers to improve events even further. 

Stand on the shoulder of titans and be #EventGoals.

Host your next event with EventTitans.


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