What’s the Latest? | Time-Efficient Tools to Help You Do More in Less Time

Managing your time…it’s not easy, is it? It’s never easy to stay on top of everything. There are no super-humans. Almost everyone is running on empty, trying to get more done each day. 

In short, “become more productive” is one of the most popular topics of the last few years, and for a good reason – it works. Not only does it work for you, but it also works for your clients, customers and your boss. And you can’t ask for more than that. If you want to get more things done, avoid procrastination and stay productive, then this guide is for you. 

Yes. You need tools to help you get more done in less time. Check these tools that will surely make you more efficient without breaking the bank.


Efficiency is a must in today’s competitive environment. These tools will help you do more in less time.


Share and organize all your links on a single page

(Now only USD 59 from USD 300)

Znaplink is a social media management tool that gives you a single page to share social links, display content, and capture email leads. With Znaplinkyou can easily set up a single, mobile-ready landing page that organizes all your social links into folders. It also displays auto-updating widgets that show off your latest content and stays automatically updated with your latest content, including TikTok and YouTube videos. Znaplink lets you capture email leads and send personalized emails to your entire community in one click, manage multiple brands from one account and get deep insights on your engagement with built-in analytics and a lot more.

Get all eyes on your fresh content.

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SocialNowa Chatbot

Build Instagram and Facebook chatbots and schedule social posts from one platform

(Now only USD 59 from USD 348)

What if you had the kind of support that was available 24/7 to handle queries, generate leads, post content, and close sales? Meet SocialNowa Chatbot. One of the newest tools to help you build automated chat flows to engage more leads on social media, as well as schedule social media posts. SocialNowa Chatbot lets you create your Facebook and Instagram DM automation flow in minutes using the drag-and-drop builder, explore the library of pre-built templates to set up the perfect chatbot in a flash, schedule your social media posts from the same platform to keep followers engaged, and so much more. 

Build no-code chatbots that qualify leads and drive sales with an integrated e-commerce store.

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Keep website visitors engaged with interactive link preview pop-ups

(Now only USD 59 from USD USD 240)

If only there was a way you could preview link content, so visitors aren’t toggling between browser tabs or leaving your site. Make it click with Linkz.ai. Linkz.ai automatically adds link preview pop-ups so visitors can view and interact with hyperlink content without leaving your website. It lets you showcase the content of any hyperlink on your website with mobile-friendly pop-ups, click on or hover over a hyperlink on your website to get an instant preview of the content, and display link previews in dark or light mode to provide a non-intrusive experience for your website visitors. You can also integrate Linkz.ai with major website builders, including Elementor, WordPress, and Wix.

Automatically add link preview pop-ups for hyperlinks on your website or blog to reduce bounce rates.

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Respond faster to site alerts, monitor uptime, and communicate incidents with status pages

(Now only USD 79 from USD 3,000)

iLert is an uptime monitoring platform that helps you respond faster to critical alerts, manage on-call schedules, and communicate incidents via status pages. Sell products with confidence. With iLert, you can get notified on multiple channels, and set custom notification rules based on the priority level of an alert, create an on-call schedule that matches your team’s way of operating, monitor your entire online presence and know within seconds when downtime occurs across your webpages, and a whole lot more. Also, iLert supports multiple check types, including HTTP, TCP, ICMP Ping, and SSL certificate checks, so you can keep your website healthy 24/7.

Monitor outages outside of working hours without burdening your support team.

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YayMail by YayCommerce

A code-free solution for WooCommerce email customization 

(Now only USD 69 from USD 1,008)

YayMail by YayCommerce is a code-free email framework for WooCommerce that lets you customize transactional and marketing email templates. With YayMail, you can customize a variety of WooCommerce email templates with custom content, CSS, and fields, fine-tune the design of your emails using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, and preview your work in a single window, use conditional logic to show personalized email content like exclusive offers, discounts, and upsells, integrate with several WooCommerce extensions and third-party plugins to support your business as it grows, and a whole lot more. 

Customize WooCommerce email templates without coding.

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