Your First Podcast Episode is Just Waiting to Be Launched!

The listener demography has grown tremendously since the lockdown and is not showing any signs of slowing down—52% of all people on the internet listened to a podcast. The future of podcasts, needless to say, is bright—but the considerable competition on the market is also worth noting. It seems there is a podcast niched for everyone’s needs and interests. With this kind of cutthroat competition, one needs powerful tools. Let us help you launch the podcast you have been meaning to launch. Here are tools that will help you release your very first episode, successfully.

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Let your voice be heard and launch your podcast with these tools.

Podcast Pitch Kit

All you ever need to get booked in a podcast

(Now only USD 27 from USD 99)

Book your pod’s cast with Podcast Pitch Kit. This tool is the step-by-step know-how in pitching and booking podcast shows easily and effectively. Podcast Pitch Kit is filled with tested and proven personal strategies that helped students book hundreds of podcast shows—specifically built to help you connect with your show host, showcase your expertise, and get you booked with credibility and impact. Podcast Pitch Kit also helps you grow your network, explode your traffic, and save time.

Book a podcast rather easily.

Be featured in as many podcasts. Get your Podcast Pitch Kit today.

Tunepond: Royalty Free Music

This is the end of your royalty-free music search.

(Now only USD 39 from USD 2,999)

Still obsessively searching the internet far and hard for music to use on your podcast? Get access to a unique collection of royalty-free stock music with Tunepond. This tool provides a world-class audio tracks with a worldwide perpetual license, unlimited usage, clearance for monetization, and commercial use—perfect for starting your podcast. Tunepond is music given straight to you by the top professional composers and products, effectively cutting middlemen’ expenses and keeping the rate relatively low. Brought to you by a dedicated team, Tunepond’s catalog is huge and still continuously growing.

This is the end of your royalty-free music search.

Find the perfect music for the mood. Subscribe to Tunepond.

Vadootv Player

Video hosting plus all the marketing you could ever need

(Now only USD 49 from USD 180)

Cater to video-watching podcast listeners with Vadootv Player. This tool is high-speed video hosting and marketing for creators to record, manage, and distribute. Vadootv Player is simple yet mighty—it is a video recorder, video hosting, video player, landing pages, and video bubble all rolled into one. As a bonus, Vadootv Player markets your content with CTAs, forms, polls, and quizzes directly embedded into the player or into fully customized landing pages. 

There’s nothing more engaging than video podcasts.

New way to consume video. Download Vadootv Player today.

Notetracks Pro

Collaborate on audio projects with ease and get feedback directly on your tracks

(Now only USD 59 from USD 216)

Easily work on your audio with your team, even remotely, with Notetracks Pro. Thus tool is an audio collaboration platform where you can get real-time feedback pinpointed directly on the track itself. No need to take note of changes with the timestamp that can ultimately be confusing. Notetracks Pro creates a private collaborative space where you and your team can easily share, review, take notes, and provide feedback on audio projects. Simply drag and drop your audio or video files from your computer into the browser or upload them on Dropbox or Google Drive then collaborate right into Notetracks Pro See the audio waveform visually and navigate easily with simple keyboard shortcuts. Jot down notes with the freehand draw tool or simply type them up and they will be placed along the horizontal audio form, in sync with the playback—note-taking regarding audio has never been clearer. Notetracks Pro is like Google Docs but for music and video, comments and changes will be added in real-time. 

Be in perfect sync with your team.

Reduce the noise when creating audio projects. Use Notetracks Pro.

3 Day Podcast Bootcamp

Whip your podcast to be the lead converting machine it could be

(Now only USD 67 from USD 297)

So you’ve calibrated your microphone to the computer, now what? The 3-Day Podcast Bootcamp is like having the handbook to creating podcasts that will convert your leads into sales. This tool shows you step-by-step instructions to create a podcast that will convert listeners into customers right on your phone. It is two hours each day in the 3-Day Podcast Bootcamp, you will be armed with the tools to publish and market a successful podcast—capable of converting listeners into high-quality leads on auto-pilot.

Be podcast prepared in just 3 days.

Podcasts that sell. Begin your 3-Day Podcast Bootcamp.

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